If you could only?

If you could only have 4 base flavores and 4 accent flavors what would they be?


Tough, 8 each would be better

Base: Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cantelope
Accents: Caramel Candy, French Vanilla, Kaluha & Cream, Hazelnut


Oh man…only 8?? hahaha.
Vanilla hazelnut, Cheese cake, Belgian Waffle, Coffee

Accents?? Blueberry,Caramel, Toasted Almond,Butter Cream.
and , yes, I’m stuck on dessert flavors right now. I feel like a junkie, might have to look for some therapy or rehab maybe. I don’t know, I know I’m outa control…I’m sitting in corner w both hands on my Mod…hahahaha


BAse: Hazelnut, Watermelon, Bavarian Cream, 555

Accents: Sweet Cream, Coffee, Menthol, Chocolate

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Hi Alisa;

Seems everyone agrees on hazelnut. Not surprising though. Reading the choices of others is giving me ideas. Back when I first started blending I used some coffee with poor results. Always used coffee as the base at the time. Never once considered using coffee as a accent. Now I wish I had not thrown away the coffee favor I had. I have been looking for something to make more of a stronger favor (probably not the best description). Coffee just might help. Who’s coffee do you use?

By the way, I use every favor you use except coffee (soon to change) and most of the favors HighCountry uses as well. Cutting it down to 4 each is like cutting off 4 toes on each foot. Most of my better blends usually have a minimum of 2, sometimes 3, accent flavors and believe me cutting it down to 4 would be tough. I do blend for my shop so I am always trying to make completely different favors than anything I have done before and even try to blend what others do not. Imagine trying this with only 8 total favors total…


Base: Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, and Banana

Accent: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Caramel Candy, Pomegranate

(ya, I snuck Pomegranate in as an accent, lol!!!)


Not much time to reply, but wanted to answer you… Most of my extracts have come from Vapor Renu. Just got some Watermelon from e-liq.com . Took 2 weeks from order date. uhg. about to order from Flavor Apprentice .

Talk more about coffee soon. Love love coffee!

Being you’re a fan of 555 you might want to order Caramel (original) from TPA to try this recipe

Smokin’ Vapes

The rest are Flavor West Flavors. Steep it for a couple weeks and Jamican rum blends right in. I am very interested in your opinion…I’m also planning a version that subs Jamican Rum with one of my current accent flavors, Kaluha & Cream FW

Alisa Hi, have fun with your Coffee experiments.
I finally have ONE that wasn’t quickly spit into nearest sink. I’ve since put that project on shelve for another day.
I’ll follow your progress if you don’t mind :blush:

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Just saw your post, Highcountry. I’m excited about coffee recipes in particular, but since my original post in this thread, I’ve changed up my favorites.
Base: Coffee, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Custard
Accent: Sweet cream, Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Marshmallow


Bases: Vanilla Custard (CAP), Cheesecake (LA), Bavarian Cream (TFA), SB Ripe (TFA)
Accents: Difficult one to decide. Blueberry Extra (TFA), SB Sweet (CAP), Cinn Danish (CAP), Sugar Cookie (CAP)


Hi Alisa,
Been watching the on going saga with the coffee. Looks like a tough project :smile:
Been thinking about adding Hazelnut and/or Chocolate, does sound good. we’ll have to see.
I have a habit of making something I like and getting stuck there, creature of habit I guess.
I started working on this for my wife, she’s a hard core hound for a cup of dark black coffee.
I’ll have to confess I took the low road on this one and ordered Coffee (Dark) TPA from E-cig express (I think) any way. I see everyone making their own “Coffee” flavor so I’ve just kept quite 'cause it’s almost like cheating to you “Connoisseurs” :blush:
BUT it’s pretty darn good flavor if you like a Deep Rich flavor. Very strong though, I think I’ve got it dialed in at about 2% for me.
If you’ve ever tried “Denny’s” dark roast coffee, it’s pretty close to that.
But, if you want the REAL flavor, you need to go to the Truckstop in Van Horn, Texas real late at night, find the waitress we call “Flo”, she’ll be the 'ol girl in the Dolly Parton wig snapping her gum, been there forever.
Tell her you want a “cup a Joe”, not coffee, a cup a joe and she’ll give you the good stuff.
2 cups of that and your good till the 10/20 split, bathroom stop, then your good all the way to Sweetwater, no problem.
Now that’s a cup of coffee.


lol… Highcountry. You should write books, if you don’t already.
I’ll have to order some of dat dere TPA Coffee (Dark) and try it out, but
until then… my homemade coffee is just sooooooo dark and strong!


I do admire you guys that do it that way!! wish I had the time. Take care.


Hey Alisa.
I know you and I are on the same journey.(To find a Great Coffee Vape) Not sure if you’ve tried this one yet. I have about 100 recipes… 3 of them are shared. This is one of them. and a Favorite for me and my Wife.

Let me know if you try it.


Ooooh my goodness Iceman7. That looks like a really good one! Gonna have to make a flavor order soon!!!


Ahhwwwmmmmm, Coffee.

Thanks for sharing all the info people. I am taking all of your suggestions to heart and am about to buy up my first set of DIY juice supplies.

A question. My favorite off the shelf flavor, is a coffee based ejuice I get at a local B&M. They ( the vape store ) aint telling what is in it. A trade secret :smiley: but while looking through some flavorings to purchase, I spotted something, and I think it is their secret ingredient.

The flavor is burnt sugar, from Bickfords. That may not be their secret ingredient, but I think I will give it a try.

Anyone have any experience with the Burnt Sugar from Bickfords ?

I don’t have any experience with Bickford flavors, but as long as you use the water soluble ones they should be okay. The only problem is they are likely much weaker than flavors from FA, TPA, FW, Cap, etc. I believe they are more like the extracts you can get from McCormick or Watkins.

sorry this is late, still figuring out these forums. Thank you.