I'm new at DIY I am having a tough time with TFA flavor %

I have flavors from LB and recently started buying from TFA, the problem I’m having is: on FB’s web site they give a baseline % to start with which is huge for a new DYI er
then recently I started buying from TFA I have only found 2 flavors that they give recommendations on how much to use so, When I mix with TFA flavors I am totally guessing some come out good some not so good I have been mixing at 10% anyone
have any suggestions on what % to use for TFA flavors?

Simple, use the great tools on ELR.

Go to the recipes, type in your flavor [which you should already have correctly listed in the “My Flavor Stash” area under “USER” ]
Then click on the flavoring and read all about it.


Thnkx Ozo!

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Give me one flavor you have (TPA)

Well said Ozo!!! :innocent:

@Steve-o_54 you may also want to take a look at the threads here…
Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid

For a short answer when I use tpa flavors in using them at the 2%-7% range with a lot around the 2-4 buecause im adding things like strawberry ripe tpa to strawberry FA to create a fuller strawberry.

Happy researching. Remember, the more you read and research before mixing the better end result you with get.


jack fruit

Here is the best read I can think of for a new mixer…


Jackfruit (TPA) click on “Flavor details”

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Thanks for all of your help I really appreciate the suggestions

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thanks to everybody for your help! :slight_smile:

Could use this site: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors?sort=num_recipes&direction=desc

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