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Inawera SDS or/and MSDS?


I know and i know. But maybe they find a communicative ‘‘trick’’ to avoid give them to you

They answer to you
But we send them only to manufacturers
My translation:
But we send them only to manufacturers (if nobody else request for them).

Hope you understand that I didn’t mean to be rude to you.
Hope you get a better answer this time and please share the sds from the TA when you get them.



Hello ChemicalBV.
Any luck so far?

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Nothing yet, but I just tried again using the email they responded to me from the last time I made an inquiry. I don’t like those “Send us a question” forms on websites. So I’ll see how this goes. Made sure to include that I am most definitely requesting a copy of the SDS instead of being kind of vague about just wondering if they have them. Fingers crossed.



Got a response and they sent them :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in the SDS for the tobacco absolutes and Black for Pipe, let me know and I can try to figure out how to share them on here.



Very nice news!!
I am interesting for the Tobacco Absolutes please, if Black for pipe is diferend than Dark for pipe I want that too please!
An easy way to share them is throu dropbox or google drive. Or screenshot and upload the Section 3 of each sds, works for me.

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I forgot about Google Drive! I will do that when I am on lunch, but here’s a screen shot for now. Section 3 is pretty bland for the absolutes haha.