Issues with elev8vape

Hey guys…has anyone else ordered from elev8vape and had issues with their shipping? I ordered a couple things (subtank mini, pv clone, and an ohm meter) early morning on June 3rd. I got an email saying that the SS PV was out of stock and if I would take a black one. I said no, I’d rather have the SS and asked if they could refund the money for it and I’d order it again when they were back in stock. No further email, but got a notice that everything in the order was shipping on the 4th. Then, refund for the price of the PV went through on the 5th. Fast forward and the tracking for the order still says what it did on the 4th…“Shipping label created”

I emailed their CS but was wondering if anyone else had had any trouble or if this is kinda normal for them? I’m guessing I’m not gonna get the PV since they refunded it (sans shipping cost, which is kinda meh), and I’m kind of hesitant to reorder from them at this point. I’m going to wait and see what they say, but yikes. At this rate, my order from FT, which was placed on the same day and is already in Chicago, is going to get here before an order coming from New York.


I always got just what I ordered… Fast. Sorry for your issue.

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Same as @NewDrip here. That sucks when things get discombobulated! : (

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Well :poop: Here’s hoping everything works out okay. Maybe they’ll comp me the PV for all the headache. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah fat chance I think. Now to return to twiddling my thumbs…

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Want we should rough 'em up a bit?
I really have issues with incompetent customer service. I realize it happens from time to time, but it always irks me. When I get great service I make a point of giving the credit where it’s due. When it’s bad, I’m not shy about that either.
Hope they do ya right!


I do to, because I haven’t had any problems yet… but it will be good to see what will happen if I do.

So far no word. Shipping info still hasn’t changed and I haven’t heard back from CS. In other news, my FT order is now in my state! I should get it tomorrow. :grinning:

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Okay…updates if anyone is interested:

I emailed elev8’s customer service again yesterday. I woke up to an email this morning, and all it said was “I can see that your tracking never updated. Here is your new tracking” with a new tracking number for a shipment that was created and left their store yesterday. No apologies, no explanations, just BS. The whole mess with the PV sucked, and I might have been more understanding about them losing my shipment for two weeks if they’d been honest with me instead of making a lame excuse and passing the blame off on USPS. I should get the package Friday…16 days later. I seriously did get my FT order from China before the one from NY…three whole days before, assuming the box does actually get here Friday.

I’d read a couple things about people having issues not getting their stuff, but I thought it was an issue with the preordered Sig 150. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and from what I understand, they made good on those orders. But, buyer beware! If you order from them it might take a long time and emails to get your stuff, they may sell you something they don’t actually have in stock, and they may yank your chain…but you’ll get it eventually, I guess.

So, in short, I highly doubt I’ll be ordering from them again. Customer service and communication are huge, and theirs really suck.


The saga continues:

After a (mostly) polite email calling them out on their customer service and expressing my frustration, they emailed me back saying they sincerely apologized and would refund my order. Now, I didn’t write them with the intention or hope of getting a refund, but I’ll accept it after the hullaballoo that happened. I wrote back this morning with a thanks and a novel on how they could improve their customer service. LoL.

So, they did something to rectify the situation, but I still stand by my warning. As long as you don’t have any issues, don’t have to contact them about anything, or don’t care about a company’s customer service, I would say they’re fine to order from.


I ordered on june 3rd (edit: apparently a year later- sorry for the necropost I just noticed) and it took a few days with the order saying awaiting fufillment before I began to wonder if i’d been had. I tried calling support but to spite it being normal business hours, several calls over the couse of the day went unanswered. Eventally I sent an email asking what was going on and recived a reply the next day. to be honest, elev8 seems like a very very small operation with poorly outsourced help. That said, they maintained contact and updates and finally shipped, and while I was leery about getting a clone for the price, the kanger nebox(yes I’m aware of it’s known leaking problem and how to fix it) I ordered is authentic. I also ordered a battery and some coils, and while I could’ve gotten the coils about 5 bucks cheaper the very fair price on the mod made it acceptable. Overall elev8 seems like a struggling small business, but they did right by me to spite the unexpected shipping delay, I would order from them again.