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Joyetech 10th Anniversary Limited Edition ESPION Solo, Organic Light Emitting Diode Touchscreen, VW or TC MOD, with ProCore Air Atomizer


Thank you @CosmicTruth for the giveaway and congratulations @Joy.

Can’t wait to try it, I think I’ve never been so excited lol.


Now that it’s over… what eggs did yall find?

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2 I thought were Easter eggy was
0.42 resistance at 42 watts = 4.2 volts.


On the fire button, the zero in 10th anniversary looks like a egg… haha

Any other?

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Guess the puff counter could have had 420 on it too… instead of that ‘number of the beast’

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Congrats @eStorm and @Joy
Thanks for the opportunity @CosmicTruth!


The old 4:20 easter egg heh, that was more of a fluke than an egg. BUT Just above the easter bunny REWARD picture at the bottom of the review, there are 3 clickable 0’s one of the 3 is a link to a picture of the actual undocumented feature in the MOD, the built in easter egg. when you press fire when the device is off it displays the time.

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also eggs the bunny hid late in this image:
were not spotted.


That is a tiny teeny egg in the background :rofl:


Might be hard to spot :rofl: you found 1 of the 2 :wink:
but now a word from my sponsor, coming soon…

ESPION Infinite with ProCore Conquer

Dual 21700 batteries
230W output
Infinity mirror
Centered Tank
Top control buttons
color display
Color Lights


Great so its a make up mod… Use the infinite mirror if you want to check if you’re oily or matt. Turn on the lights if you need to correct your eyeliner and powder and if you get bored change the hue of the lights to make your brain believe that you’re more tanned, glossy and glowy. We all need that in our life! Thank you Joyetech :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone make a mod that makes me coffee and includes a nail polish dryer, I wouldn’t need to bring my whole purse next time I go to work :smirk:


Built in coffee pot is probably not a great idea, maybe a built in mag stir/juice steeper?

Just out of curiosity @eStorm your new mod is on the way, I was wondering what your current favorite setup is?

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My most used daily setup is the voopoo drag in gunmetal with the kylin mini in rainbow. Its great flavor and easy to take with me. But the temperature mode of the drag is horrible, so when I’m at home or flavor testing I mostly use my hohmwrecker g2 with my wasp nano, since I like the tc output better. And if I don’t want to built, I always have my uforce tank in the car, I just hate having to buy these disposable coils and the flavor is different.

But now I won’t have to carry 2 batteries around with me and my rainbow kylin mini will look so much better on the espion solo :wink:


It’s difficult to decide how to conduct these contests, how much information should be given, and how stringent to make the rules.
In advance of this contest I had really only 1 requirement:
send a PM to CosmicTruth & there has to be a PM to be considered.
I had to be somewhat laxed on these rules, in case someone could not follow the rules, but was able to contact me. During the valid time limit of this contest @Joy qualified for this contest when she PM’ed me telling me what a wonderful Alien I am.
I’ll continue to hold her prize but If anyone can help me contact @Joy or would be willing to contact her for me, I would be grateful.


thats a sharp lookin piece of kit, and an even sharper looking review, nice work my little grey friend :wink::ok_hand:

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Thank you Mr. Pugs, that means a lot. And it is a fine device, if you get a chance check one out.


The wait is real… Stupid USPS still did not deliver I’m nearly getting anxiety and no its not the aliens fault :wink: he did great with getting it shipped quickly but USPS should have delivered last night but somehow its in transit to the next facility for the last 5 days… Amazing tracking system lol

I hope you can get hold of @Joy would be disappointing if she misses out on the device.

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It’s your fault for living on a deserted tropic isle.
BTW How’s Gilligan anyhow?
It should be there any day…
I think I see the mail boat coming now!


False alarm, just some ass in a dingy. :anguished:

I’ll hold @Joy 's Solo for a time, but still if anyone has her number call her up :smile:

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Where’s the facepalm emoji when ya need one lol.
But no kidding I should move in a cheaper state with better snail mail service! Maybe renting next to the post office would help? :thinking:


Wait, here comes the ass from the USPS:
I use an 18650 battery while I charge the 21700, my Nitecore charger is designed to charge the 21700.
once you get it going let us know what you think of it :smile:


Sorry for the late reply was a bit busy lol.

Charging the battery in my hometech charger wasn’t an issue, intact it was super quick, but it was late that night so I went to bed.

Anyways took the kit with me to work yesterday and man I love it. Super small and sleek, didn’t even think its that small. Battery lasted all day and I’m actually impressed with the output of the mod itself. I’ll take it with me today but see how my kylin mini performs on it. I might share some pics later tonight :slight_smile: