Just starting out

I am just starting to get into making my own ejuice what suggestion would be to percentage of pg/vg ratio for premixed with nicotine I’m going to buy flavour separate I would like an end result of about 20vg/80pg

The Ultimate Beginners Guide :wink:

Also check out


Why this specific ratio?

Regardless of what final ratio you want it is always best to separate VG, PG and Nicotine into 3 components. Given that you want a PG heavy mix I would suggest buying your Nicotine in 100% PG at 48mg/ml or higher. With this setup you can make sure that your mixes are precise no matter what % of flavor you are using.


I mistyped that meant yo put 20vg/80pg approximately i chose that because it’s what I bought the most of and found I liked it I am open to suggestions about making it a bit easier for me as well

Don’t you mean 20PG/80VG?

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That’s it lol

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As @louiesquared said buy all components separately so you can fine tune your juice. Especially if you want 20/80 depending on flavors you use you wouldn’t be able to get that if you got premixed pg/vg because flavors are for the most part pg based and nic is much easier to work with in pg even with 0/100 max flavors and nic added would be 20% before you start lowering your vg levels.


I found a site in Canada that does custom ratios with nicotine in it already would adding flavour alter that ratio?

Yes, the majority of flavors are pg based. You will be time frustration and money ahead of you just get everything separately. I’m in the states so as far as telling you best value all I can recommend is places I get stuff from.


like others have said , you should buy VG , PG and Nic separate you will save money if your just starting out grab

1 gallon VG $14 apprx
1 liter PG. $7 apprx
250ml 100mg/ml nic pg base $20 apprx ( nicselect)

this will last you a very long time and should be under 50$ w/o shipping if your mixing 80vg 20pg the VG will run out b4 the pg any way this is what i would do

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Is there a single flavour you could suggest that I may try I’ve looked around on elr and am having issues finding simple 1-3 flavour recipes

Here’s a bunch!


If you’re looking for simple recipes, it’s really not that difficult. You can combine a lot of fruits togetger, pair a fruit with a cheesecake, ice cream or custard, maybe throw in some graham crust. The sky is the limit, really.

Check flavor links and watch how much % is used on average for a certain flavor. This is important so you know that you’re going to get the flavor you want and that you’re not going to make a chemical soup of it.

Start by making small testers (10-15ml) and adjust the flavoring percentages to taste if you want something more as a top note or more in the background.