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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers


You are always a great source of information and I appreciate you :slight_smile:


Anyone ordered nic from them recently?
If so, was it still pink or colored?
It’s regular freebase nic that I’m interested in, not salt nic.



I have ordered 240 mL of (base) 36 mg/mL Nicotine (in 100% PG) from them recently, as well as 500 mL of their (base) 3 mg/mL Nicotine (in 70% PG / 30% VG). No sign of any discoloration in the 36 mg/mL solution.

Spoke on the phone with Jeff. They represent their proprietary Nicotine extraction processes as providing unusual purity. Seems like a competent company who has been around a long time (by their account). Comprehensive inventory and (in my case), prices lower than Nicotine River. 15% discount for forum members (see their 2016 promotional post on this forum). No problems at all with their Nicotine provided.

The only issue has been that the printed measurement gradations on the outside of the plastic syringes they sell are extremely susceptible to the very slightest “brushes” with juices - in my case, 18 mg/mL Nicotine concentration, ~ 75% PG / 25% VG, including some (highly diluted down) Vapage “Classic Tobacco” flavor (which may contain tri- and tetra-methyl pyrazines) - causing them to be single-use devices. Am presently seeking a refund for the syringes purchased, in order to apply funds towards a more durable product.

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Thanks, I might give them a try for my next order.



cant help but notice you are using syringes… I used to measure by volume…but thanks to a few suggestions by other elr members. I started using a scale . took a little getting used to at first but in the end . scales win hands down. a lot less clean up.

this scale seems to be the popular choice . thankfully liquid barn started selling it recently


I think that is standard, if you look at the packaging on any syringes you get, they will all say disposable and for single use only. Even if you do get a lot of use with them the plunger will eventually start sticking after 15-20 rinses.

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Thanks for the suggestion ! Am mixing small quantities for personal use, and plan to acquire a couple of clear glass graduated cylinders (with 50 mL and 100 mL scales) to “cover more ground” with less hassles.

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It’s true that it is not unusual to see the statement “for single use only” (or something similar) on certain syringes - but these are an exception. Duda Energy 10 mL Luer Lock Syringe - 15 Gauge Blunt Fill Needle. Packaging states “for industrial use only”. No “single use only” stated on syringe/packaging, or advertising.

The outer printing on the Allison brand syringes that I have been using (from a printer ink refill kit) is both thicker as well as being significantly less susceptible to chemical attack - so such products do indeed exist.

UPDATE (1/7/19): Just received the “Medline” brand syringes sold by Nicotine River. As is the case with the “Allison” brand syringes mentioned above, the outer markings are completely impervious to exposure (combined with rubbing pressure from a Q-tip) to the same 18 mg/mL Nicotine, 75%/25% PG/VG mixed juice (also containing diluted Vapage “Classic Tobacco” flavoring). The problem is speciifcally with the product. “Medline” brand syringes are also built using thicker/sturdier plastic than LNW’s “Duda Energy” syringes.

Nicotine River syringes cost $0.40 (syringe only) - as opposed to the $1.50 cost of LNW syringes (including needle tips). The cost of having to return the LNW syringes/needles for a refund makes doing that a zero-sum proposition. So, at least I do like the 14 Gauge needle-tips that have ended up costing me $1.50 each.

UPDATE (1/10/19): Well, the “Medllne” brand syringes appear to have demonstrably more durable printed gradation markings - but they do have limits. The culprit (I am relatively certain) is Nicotine (which is highly alkaline in solution). ~18 mg/mL seems enough to easily wipe out the “Duda Energy” brand - but contact with 36 mg/mL Nicotine concentration juice (100% PG) has taken out the markings at the top (where some contact occurred).

The “Allison” brand syringes (cannibalized from printer-ink refill kits) are the very best of the three. Ironic. :thinking: Guess that I’ll just have to cover the markings with clear, thick packing tape when they are new, before use.


hope you try mixing by weight out sometime… mixing in small quantities is no problem with a scale… you can mix directly to the 30ml unicorn bottle if you want . just set the bottle on the scale and add ingredients. as I said a lot less clean up…


It looks interesting (and not highly expensive). How’s the quality of their scale included ? It looks “sharp”.

You got me thinking. Density ratio of VG/PG is 1.217 (Wiki). Have (perhaps naively) been assuming that the percentage proportions of these e-juices, etc. are described by volume. Is (should) it actually be by weight ?

By weight seems more common convention in general (as it does not vary with temperature as density may).


Nothing against using syringes to mix but as previously mentioned you may find it a bit easier to mix by volume. If you are going to stick with syringes some clear nail polish on the measurements will help them stay there for a little longer.


LNW I have ordered from them a few times. The shipping is fast and the prices are not bad at all

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Ty , I rarely use syringe ( always for nic ) but I like to wash them , and the one thing that always goes bad first is the markings


the LB-501 scale … I’ve had no problems with . this is my second one . my first one went bad because I think the wrong power cord got plugged into it… comes with calibration weights. if you need to check that its working properly or calibrate it…


Scales are the way to go I’ve never used any other method.