Looking for ideas with the current flavors i have

I have
Peanut Butter Cup
Gummy Candy
Sweet Strawberry
Subtle Cinnamon
Red Apple
Cotton Candy
Real Watermelon
Nici 25 mg/ml PG base

All my supplies are listed.

Put them in your stash and then use the"what can I make" function


Hey Brettn1992,

Always a good idea to read these links before you start mixing. They contain a ton of good tips and ways to get the most out of your stash :wink:


hmmm interesting ty ill chehck it out fairly new to this =]


One way to get more possible ideas to come up is a bit of lying to the data base about what you have. Instead of listing the exact flavor you have change it to the highest used one for now. You can switch it back to the correct exact one when you have a hundred or more flavors to play with. This will open up a far wider range of (What Can I Make)
The recipes won’t be exact but at this stage you just need something usable to stop buying store juice. I used this trick the first month or so until my own flavor stash got large enough and I started to dream up juices based on my own personal flavor choices.
My 2 cents


Getting to know how to use the data base, what percentages of flavors to use, how to find the most popular recipes and how the website works before you spend any money is the best investment of time you will make and will save you many tears of grief and lost $$$.