Low Watt Low Temp Flavor RTA?

In it’s native form it is not a mouth to lung tank. It is however an outstanding restricted lung hit. You can purchase reducers to make it mouth to lung if you wanted to experiment with that. I’m not really sure but the Clone versions may already come with those.

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My vote is for the Merlin mini.

With the smallest Pin inserted it’s a great MTL with bags of flavour.

I threw in a 26/40 clapton 6 wraps around .5ohms and was great at 12w for the Mrs to use MTL vaping.

Flavour was great, vapour production was great, easy to build and wick.

Worth every penny!


It’s down to the Merlin Mini, the Mage GTA and the SXK Kayfun V5 Mini.


It’s simpler than you would think, the only parts you really need to think about are the base and the top/tank. I’ve never had mine apart further than that, and the threaded top cap for easy filling.

There are loads of options though, I hope you find something that suits.


I can see why the Kayfun 5 is so expensive. It is marvelously designed. And the flavor is outstanding.

I do most of my builds at .25 ohms or lower but on the Kayfun 5 I have a .52 build.

Coiling is tricky but not frustrating. Wicking takes only a couple of minutes. Wide open you can do a restricted lung hit and closed is a perfect mouth to lung hit.

Highly recommend. I’m using the SXK clone version.


yes for sure i never remeber that one but yes the mini serpent

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Merlin Mini is my choice… Has a single coil deck or a dual coil deck…2 sized inserts for air restriction per your preference with an excellent external air flow control from the lower ring outside of the tank, so you have 2 areas to control air flow…Extremely well machined and an excellent flavor production…EZ-PZ build decks for a lot of variety in your coil selections…Juice flow control can be a bit tricky, but once you familiarize yourself, it becomes 2nd Nature…Be sure to fill tank with outer air flow control ring completely closed AND juice flow control completely closed…This eliminates leaking as you vape…and it is not expensive…

Another RTA I might recommend is the UD Goblin Mini V-3…Similar in design, but does not have the different sized inserts for air flow control, but does offer both a Single and Double coil build deck…Air flow control is excellent also on this RTA…Both decks are EZ-PZ to work on, as well…

Both have a fairly tight chamber, and short chimney, which are essential design elements to the excellent flavor that they produce, HOWEVER, these small features, still accommodate the fairly large build decks that they feature…Truly a great design…

I vape both of these RTAs in my rotation and have 2 of each…and couldn’t be happier with them…

One last important feature:… Both, when broken down for cleaning have a minimum number of parts to deal with and are very efficient to take apart, clean and rebuild…with a minimum number of O-rings to deal with, as well, and as with any RTA, just keep an eye on them, when you are in the cleaning process…

Serpent Mini is indeed an excellent vape, as well as the K-Fun mini V-3…(have them both) …only downside to those attys are that the build decks are rather limited…as well as your choice of coil configurations…Both are single coil designs…Serpent Mini is not a difficult deck to build on, however I find the K-Fun Mini V-3 to be a challenge…They both do produce excellent flavor, however…

I hope you find what you are looking for…I have found these to be beautiful vapes and with the added benefit of being fairly priced attys… :slight_smile:


Another tank that is surprisingly good for flavor is the FumyTech ball series: Earth ball, Dragon Ball, and Crystal ball. It has a slightly restricted airflow but a wide open chimney as it can be used as a dripper as well. A little different to wick as the liquid ports are high on the sides forming a tank fed dripper. I bought it for the novelty appeal but was pleasantly surprised at the flavor it produces. Good sized build deck so it will accommodate a wide variety of coil builds.

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I highly recommend the SJMY clone over the SXK and I have both as well as one of the no name clones.

The SJMY is a true 1:1 clone and is much better quality.

This is the one I got and had it at my door in 2 weeks.



If those things were not 24mm, I’d get me a couple; I love my 4ml Merlin (even at 23mm)… but all of my mods are designed around a 22mm base atomizer… Having an atomizer overhanging the edges of my mod is a drag for me. :unamused:

So, for those looking for new atomizers… don’t forget to check out the base diameter of the atty, should that matter, or if you’re a little bit OCD like some of us! :blush:

That is one of the things I like most about it, build deck choice.

It and the Merlin Mini are pretty close except for the anti spitback chimney insert which I don’t think the Merlin has.

Hands down, the coolest looking tanks I’ve run across! The Earth Ball is excellent looking. I figured they were conversation pieces, not performance tanks so I didn’t look too closely into them. Perhaps a bit more research is in order.

Good to know. I was a bit intimidated by the exploded diagram of the K5 mini but after watching some build vids I’m pretty sure I can handle it. Everyone who speaks about the Kayfun design says it is a work of engineering art and I certainly appreciate that kind of art.[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:30, topic:125767”]
Having an atomizer overhanging the edges of my mod is a drag for me.

For me as well but my Nebula mod can take 25mm without overhang so no worries there. My wife’s Attitude mod is only 22mm so maybe a Merlin Mini for me and a K5 Mini for her?

Its times like these that I wish I was a vape reviewer so I could taste test them all for free!


Has anyone tried the Troll RTA? I has a 5 ml juice capacityand a dual coil deck.


Ya I am super ocd about tank overhang but sometimes you find a combo that just works and you can see past a little overhang.


This might help :grin:


It’s not that bad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a little late. It’s an ok RTA. Right now my best of the bunch for low power is the Ammit single coil. But even with that I run about a 0.3Ω build. It takes around 40 to 50 watts available in TC to get a good vape @ 375°F to 425°F.


For a borderline tootle-puffer, if you’re wanting the option of a cigarette-tight draw, I can HIGHLY recommend the Ubertoot UTA2 (clone) Get the one with 60-something reviews, averaging around 4.7 (with good reason). I run mine at 8-12W and the flavour is on par with the Kayfun V5 Mini (8-15W), and Siren 22 (8-15W). I had to drill a smaller hole in the Siren’s AFC (1.4mm - would like it even tighter), and the KF5 mini I received today is an almost-too-loose-for-mtl-at-all draw which I will be throttling at the next re-coil.

In my search for a flavor RTA and build, ‘everyone’ said ‘start with 6 wraps 26G Kanthal as a good starting point’, or even a spaced 26/36 Clapton, but I found I couldn’t run any of my tanks under 20W which meant one 18650 wouldn’t last a work-day (well I could, but very little flavour and no throat-hit) It wasn’t until I went to thinner wires that I could run the ‘old-school’ Wattages and still get the flavour.

I use pretty much the same coil in all three tanks now - 30G SS316L 10-12 wraps (not sure exactly but enough to cover the air-hole) 2.5mm ID (3mm for the Siren), 1.8-2.1 Ohms (not actually important just interesting). They’re all easy-peasy to build on with the UTA2 just the teensiest tad fiddly @ 1.5/10 difficulty, compared to the Siren and KF5 @ 1/10 difficulty (compared to the UD Bellus with twin 2mm 8 wrap Claptons in the tiny chamber @ 8/10 fiddly)

So in summary - if you want very restricted MTL to very restricted DL, definitely the Ubertoot, airy MTL to restricted DL go the Siren, or very airy MTL to restricted DL, the Kayfun V5.

Scale - Very Restricted (VR), Restricted ®, Airy (A), Very Airy (VA)


I found it on fasttech, it’s a nice looking piece of kit! I’m not to keen on the plastic tank, due to some of the flavors I mix with but I’m not scared of using the stainless tank either. For $30 it’s certainly worth a try. The more I learn, the more I realize that coil construction and even placement can have a definite effect on the flavor. I was watching a review by Vic of Vaping with Vic and he pushed his coil down close to the air hole on a tank he was coiling. I tried it on my Mage GTA and it definitely gave more flavor. Right now I’m running 5 spaced wraps of twisted 32 ga. SS316 at 3mm and it ohms out at .67 and vaping it at 320F.

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It is a great piece of kit! :slight_smile:
Twisted 32G SS316L spaced coil was my favourite build for ages, but I got sick of ‘rebuilding’ the coil after pulling the wick through. I found if I used less cotton so it didn’t deform the coil, I got lovely bacon-frying noises and great flavour, but coils got gunked after only 3 days. Now with my 10-12 wrap 30G contact, I get a week minimum with not-quite-but-close-enough-to-not-make-a-difference flavour.


Yep, they do and it kind of sucks.

I’m going to try that, thanks!

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