Median or max. Sufficiant?

Hey all like to ask… I checked the flavor list for toasted marshmallow tfa and it says 0.5% max used…now i want to make a single flavor recipe with this one…is it a sufficiant amount to use?
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I believe you chose the wrong one in the database, whether in your stash or when u researched w/ flavor list. This one has the single flavor mix averages, notes and recipes by others
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By the way what is the correct way to use the flavor list how can i pinpoint the exact flavor and its specifics… Besides many flavors that come up also it may show up twice a specific flavor…


Be sure to search ‘toasted marshmallow tpa’. If you can search the name as well as the manufacturer abbreviation, you will get a better simplified list of flavors. The one with this highest number of recipes is usually the correct usage.

Make sure and search ‘tpa’ instead of ‘tfa’ for Flavor/Perfumers Apprentice flavors.


Since this is now the second post I see, that quotes percentage, I think we should explain this a bit, because it might have you confused.

I can’t do it per screenshot on my tablet, so I try to explain it with copy&paste.

If you open the flavor and then scroll till you see this:y

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.1% (Median: 1.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 50%

Single flavor recommendations: 53
Average quantity: 5.4% (Median: 5.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.5%
Maximum used quantity: 10.0%

The first numbers is percentage used in mixes, second as single flavor.

The only number of interest to you is Average Quantity median!

in this example 5% for single. Any other number doesn’t matter, if you want to use it as base recommendation. Still would recommend to start lower and then work up, since this is not based on your personal taste but the average.

You might need more, you might need to go way lower.

But if you wanted to go by these percentages, good base would be the median percentage and nothing else.
Hope it helps clearing the confusion a bit.


Flavor Stash Guide: A Beginners Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash


thanks zen

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You’re welcome. Should be required reading for new users, and not just because I wrote it.


Best explanation i got thank you!