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Medicine Flower


VapeyMama, I’ll message you and find out what MF flavs you already have.



You got it. Do let me know which you don’t have so I can include more.



I put it in a vanilla butterscotch milkshake yesterday, mmmmmmmm it tastes so good already, even before any steeping. Used 0.8%



I purchased both Peach and White Peach MF(both as Lotus)from ECX at the beginning of June. White peach is a little brighter in flavor. I used it to boost the RFSC Peach in a cheesecake recently, and think it’s really good. Haven’t done an SF, though. They do smell quite different in the bottle.



I have to have their butterscotch, banana, strawberry, dark chocolate, coffee… most of them are amazing once you get the right percentages dialed in.



I had forgot about this post, it helps a bunch. Thank you!



Are you using the off the shelf Pyure, or making your own? If making your own what ratio are you making it? Same as @ozo ?



I ordered mine online.

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I did yesterday my “pyure”. I would order this and noticed that they no longer added citric acid and cider vinegar!



How do you make MF coffee? only adds PG / VG and nic?

Edit: I ordered the blueberry, and if the coffee is as good as the chocolate, I ask to exchange my order …

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Bavarian cream tpa 2%
Booster (tiramisu) fa 0.5%
Coffee mf 1%
Liquid stevia (pyure) 1%
Marshmallow fa 1.5%
Sweet cream cap 1.5%
This is the coffee recipe I make at 70/30 with 3mg nic. It’s a strong sweetened coffee with cream. I haven’t really made any changes to it because I like it as is and don’t use it as an adv.



Many thanks for the recipe :slight_smile:
I did not go in time to change my order, but this happens to be on my taste list to order. :wink:



Just received an email from MF. They are having a st. pats sale 17% off now thru 3/19/18! Code gogreen.



Thanks :slight_smile: I got the same mail and posted in the Discounts section, but it got merged with “Good Deals 2018” Aaarggh! Dunno about you guys , but i check that thread out once-in-a-blue -moon. if ever. I really wanted it to be salient to MF heads, didn’t i? . Sooo… was looking round for an MF thread to post in when I spotted this (well, actually the notification suddenly popped up,12 hours late, just as if the MF fairy godmother waved her magic wand) and Ta-da! Fixed, already :slight_smile:



didnt you buy the lime not too long ago ? was wondering how it was , i just bought 10ml of FLV lime bc ive been working on a key lime vape and the two FA limes i was using didnt cut it



yep I did. Love it, but still not sure what % it’s best at , One of the higher ones (like around 1%) I think. I did an SF test @ 0.9 % that didn’t quite cut it , last tasting. And I’ve tried using it @0.6 % in mixes , and just didn’t find them limey enough .

I’ve been telling myself that the OSV Mohito recipe used MF Lime @0.6% so that ought to be good enough for me. But it isn’t!



have you tried to go low yet ? it may be like the lemon and need to be used at lower percentages , while trying to make this key lime pie recipe ive found lime may need to be brightened up with something like a touch of lemon ( maybe ) not sure yet ill be remixing with only the lime flaves hoping that the FLV helps boost the FA if not ill try to add .125 to .15 pct of mf lemon



nope, haven’t tried below 0.6% , by the same logic (if it works for OSV at 0.6%… :laughing:) . Well ya can’t blame me for seizing on whatever guideline I could find, can you? rather that completely stabbing in the dark with it.

could try lower…but hey! how long you willing to wait for an answer? and how low do you suggest?



hmm. Might try your MF lemon trick with my MF lime. Now, given that the lime has already steeped, how much extra time before the lemon works its magic, do you think? And that will give more zing to the lime flavour? (that is, rather than make a lemon-and-lime flavour out of it)



That’s my go-to lime. It’s rather candy like, but I do love how it plays with creams and bakery. And the sheer strength of it tickles my funny bone! I may need to grab some of the MF version if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity.

Speaking of curiosity… @ecigexpress, why is it you sell some of the MF flavors on your website, but not really the ones which have garnered a lot of praise such as Watermelon, Wild Raspberry, Lemon, Honeydew, Dark Chocolate etc? I think you’re leaving money on the table here!!