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Mesh As Coil not as wick


Man, I kinda want that. Also found Cthullu mesh mod on fasttech, added that to my wishlist as well >.>

Vaping is going to bankrupt me.


2 fused clapton wires in the CETO ohm’ed out at .09 this thing hits hard on my Hohm Slice
I tried to do 3 or 4 rows but the middle wires would not clamp


I like that build. looks like the perfect flavor taster. I will be building that very soon


I’m currently running something similar. It’s actually a single coil of 24ga SS, 4 wraps on this. Battery for perspective only…not sure what size bolt as it was something I’d thrown in my desk drawer -

Everything about it is better than the mesh. I’m thinking maybe I have a huge learning curve to deal with. Then again, maybe I’m far too old and crusty to deal with it :slight_smile:


Yeah for me to get 3 or 4 rows of fused clapton wire in the CETO I will have to tig weld the wire together at work 2 fused clapton wires came out to .09 ohms so 4 should come out at .18 ohms
My DB 160 would not fire the .09 so I had to put it on the slice


So I broke down and built the taifun bt today. No dry hits because of the wire rope but the flavor is still flat and I keep hitting 0.45-0.5 ohms.

At this point I’m not sure if I want to trust the mesh from the clone company. So I’m going to order
some from kidneypuncher.

But I must say the wicking is working great!!!


have y’all seen this RDA, it looks like it might be better thought out?
Also, 3Fvape is having a giveaway for it.



just ordered a 12" sheet of 316L 400. Can’t wait to try it.


Im courious has anyone braided or twisted the mesh with wire? im seriously considering a few builds with rolled mesh in place of wire.


If I am understanding you, I have seen a few builds like that on instagram, I’ll have to see if I can find a pic. But it sounds awesome. give it a go and come back with it.


@Rob62 @Pattie and every body I am not sure if y’all realize this, but I am pretty sure that y’all started the mesh craze. this is probably the best mesh rda I have seen. It looks well thought out.