Mix for first time, these are my aroma

I recently learned how to make liquids. now I would like to try to make recipes, 2 / max 3 aroma. place the aroma I have for now in my stash.


@winmx74 welcome to ELR. First things first. Register and login to the recipe side, and add flavors to your stash …

Once you have the flavors added to your stash, then you can use the “What Can I Make” feature.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to the forums, id give you some advice but it looks like @SessionDrummer has it covered.

Feel free to ask questions, lots of knowledge here.


@winmx74 OK, after checking your stash, I see you did enter the flavors, which is GREAT. BUT, you’ve entered them wrong, and/or in the wrong format, which will stop the “What Can I Make” from working.

Fear not, we can help you. First let’s take a look, and get you sorted …

Now, great job on adding the flavors, we just need to get them in correctly, and in the right format, SO, you can USE the “What Can I Make Feature” and mix some recipes.

Now, I hate to say it, but, all of your entries are wrong. NOW, we ALL did them wrong at first, so you’re in GOOD HANDS.

When you are first inserting flavors into your stash, you should type in the name, into the text box…

Then MAKE SURE, to click SAVE at the bottom …

Now, let’s go back to the correct naming convention, as once we get you correct, you’ll be able to search for, and find recipes you can make !!!

Here are the correct flavor names for your stash …

Dulce de Leche (TPA)

RY4 Double (TPA)

Mango Indian Special (FA)

Yellow Cake (FW)

Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW)

Yogurt (FW)

Pear (Inawera)

Yes, We Cheesecake (Inawera)

Honey Peach (Jungle Flavors)

Pancake (TPA)

Super Sweet (CAP)

Why does it matter ?? If you don’t have the flavor entries correct, people who want to mix YOUR recipes, won’t be able to, and you won’t be able to search accurately for recipes YOU can make, so having the CORRECT flavor names, is a WIN/WIN for everyone.

Above I showed you how to choose flavors and add them from the drop down list in Your Flavor Stash, and you can also search for, and add from the Flavor List …

Same as before, you type in the flavor into the text box and search for it. You can also click, and sort by the number of recipes used in, and MOST TIMES, the top flavor is correct …

Once you choose the right one, you can add notes, bottle size, cost, and SAVE it to your stash…


Welcome to ELR and the forum @winmx74. @SessionDrummer has given you some great information there but if you get stuck please don’t be hesitant to ask.


Probably could have saved yourself a lot of time by just linking him to the Flavor Stash Guide.



MOST important…

… if you want to find any recipes or get any use from the recipe site ----- NEVER EVER write your own flavors (they are all in there already, you just have to find them and select the right one).

Pay attention to @SessionDrummer’s perfect instructions above.


Fixed all the flavors, i think, some of them i just fixed last week.


Thank you VERY much Ken! That’s lots and lots of hours of work!


Thank you @Ken_O_Where, and @Mikser.


Thorough job @SessionDrummer !!! Is winmx74 a personal student of yours that you invited to the forum?


Welcome to the forum! Asking questions is always the right first step! There a great people and great mixers here. Session Drummer has covered your question, but I just wanted to Welcome you!


Hehe, no @muth. I often don’t have the time to help out newer members, so I was lucky to have some this time. :slight_smile:


Hehe, shit, I forgot about that @TorturedZen.



Welcome to the forum. Some great folks here and some have given you some fine advice. Have fun on your mixing journey. And remember, many of us have made some horrible tasting juice. The rotten ones are learning experiences. Learning what doesn’t work is just as valuable as learning what you like.


Hah, my journey was so bad I almost quit. No one saw me on the forum for almost 6 months I think it was, maybe more. I was so discouraged and threw in the towel. Truth be told…I was trying to take shortcuts thinking I could get around putting in all the work. I should have known better sooner. Finally I took responsibility for my fearful avoidance issues and dove in.


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