Mixing flavors

hi guys!
well I have been making my own juice for about 2 months now and I enjoy it. the only problem is I can only make the one flavored simple ones.i have mountain dew,grape,peanutbutter,cotton candy,watermelon , peach,dragonfruit, tutti frutti. my nic level is 100 mg. if there are any ideas of a good flavor or a few that can be done with what I have please let me know

The best place to start is by entering your flavors into your “Flavor Stash”.
Click in the top right-hand corner on ‘My Page’, then click on the top
right ‘User’ and finally ‘My Flavor Stash’. Add all of your flavorings
being careful to put them into your database correctly. After you have
them all in, you can then click on ‘User’ - ‘What Can I Make’ and the
software will give you suggestions.

The first thing that stands out to me is that you have grape and peanut butter - hey, peanut butter and jelly! Peanut butter and cotton candy might be fun to play around with, I don’t know. I’m not sure about using cotton candy as a single flavor - it’s usually used in a mix.

What @Duneatick said!

What @Bearkat said about what @Duneatick said!!!

I’m new too!. In addition to what has already been said I have also put in one of my flavours into this sites search, say RY4 and looked at the many recipes it kicks up. Some of them you may only need to buy one more concentrate to be able to do it. Be careful though, if you’re like me you’ll end up buying WAY more than one!!!

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@SteveD259 You can also click “search by flavor stash” and it will let you check off the flavors a recipe MUST have in it. It will return all the recipes that have those ingredients, but will also likely have flavors you don’t have.

In addition to what the others have said, take what you know about your flavors and use that to come up with mixes. Say you know you like Mountain Dew at 10% and you know you like the grape at 8% when they’re single mixes. Try a mix that has 1/2 of each…so 5% Mountain Dew and 4% Grape. Then say you like Peach at 12%. You could do 3% Mt Dew, 2.5% grape, and 4% Peach (roughly 1/3 each), or you could do 2.5% Mountain dew, 2% Grape, and 6% peach so it’s heavier on the peach side (1/2 peach, 1/4 Mt Dew, and 1/4 grape). Making mixes is more an art than a science and just takes a lot of experimenting and a willingness to try and fail and try again.

Also, you need more flavors. :wink: Here are some links that may be helpful:


Absolutely @JoJo I was just adding to that so not to restrict the poster to their own flavours only. I have used the search with my own stash and then a full single flavour search. I found a few other recipes that were only one flavour extra. :slightly_smiling:

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