Mixing the juice

Been eyeing one of these for mixing. I have a lead on one for pretty cheap. Anybody used one?

Robart Paint Mixer


I’ve looked at one - but didn’t find one in EU I liked :stuck_out_tongue: I bet it would work great! :slightly_smiling:
Some people have built contraptions or attachments to their jigsaws :slightly_smiling:

This is what I use… Works like a charm.

$12 on Amazon.


I have to give a vote to the Badger as well. I do my test mixes in 15 ml Boston Round bottles, and the Badger head jussst fits into the opening.

It works great.


I use the 30ml Boston rounds and it fits perfectly. It does not, however, fit in the 10ml bottles.

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It’s tight on the 15 ml. Have to hold the Badger at about a 45 degree angle when inserting it. It just makes it.

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Me 3 that’s what I use

I’m interested in something like the Badger but I’m wanting to find one that I don’t have to sit there and hold. Something that I can run for 5 mins or so, maybe with a stand or something. You guys know of anything like that?

Coat hangers and Duct Tape are your friend :smiley:

Go now, and use them wisely.


I might just have to order one of those badgers, and some 15ml bottles instead of my 10mls. It fits the ldpe plastic 15ml bottles?

I think plastic bottles are going to have too small of an opening. :pensive: The 15ml bottles above are glass, most likely.

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Glass. It won’t fit the plastics. Heck, I can barely get the juice to go through the plastic opening much less a mixer. :wink:


Yes, the 15 ml bottles I use are indeed glass. The Badger just fits them. If the 15 ml plastic bottles have a smaller opening, it may not fit. I don’t have any 15 ml plastic bottles to test it on.


If you guys are looking for a mixer that will fit into the little plastic bottles, I just got one of these Norpro Cordless Mixer And the small white attachment fits fine into the smaller openings. Great thing is it is less than $6.00. The little white attachment is split at the bottom and when mixing the centrifugal force spreads it out. For the money you can’t go wrong.



Thanks Steve, that looks interesting!