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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Started watching this over the weekend… pretty good so far :slight_smile:

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Watched this last night, great film and awesome insight into one of the greats :ok_hand:


I just started watching this last night. Did the first two episodes. Seems awesome.


I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet so if you have Netflix…OZARK!!! I haven’t been so excited for a season 2 since breaking bad came out!!


Bateman should win every award there is available for his roll in that first season. Best show of 2017 IMO.


Best show in a long time, not just last year lol compared to ozark shows like stranger things and narco’s are just good, not great like I thought they were lol


Stranger Things has a special place for me because it is set in a time when I was 14yo. Though D&D wasn’t my thing, the throw back was fun. Second season wasn’t as good as the first though.

You watch season 3 of Narcos yet? I watched an episode and a half and it just didn’t do it for me.


I kinda gave up on narco’s halfway through season 2, and I loved stranger things too, but ozark was on another level. Trying to get into godless now, but it’s a slow start so far.


We’re watching Shut Eye at the moment and just started season 2 and we’re really enjoying it.


Just finished Manhunt Unabomber, Thoroughly enjoyed it if you enjoy FBI profiler type series, well worth a watch, along with another FBI drama and the beginnings of how they used profiling to catch killers, called Mindhunter.

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Manhunt Unabomber satisfied me. Very nice, realy sad ending, in a good way. Mindhunter is also a good show i enjoyed.

The people v O.J. Simpson - WTF what a ridiculous court process. Really wired.

Yesterday i started Shamless Season 7. I love it!

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Death Note any good?


The Shack - this is a movie i passed on many times but am glad i watched it , it is a faith based movie so if your not a believer this movie may not be for you ( actually it should be watched by anyone who doubts ) i actually shed some tears , that acting was good , the story was great imo

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awesome i love watching historical moviea and there arent many i havent seen when it comes to Churchill he truly was a great man … this is the one that just came out recently correct ?

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It is yeah, there’s an ‘alright’ copy floating about, very enjoyable film :+1:


I enjoyed it. Willem Defoe did an awesome job!!! :blush:

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I’m not religious, but I read the book and it was pretty good. Didn’t know they made a movie. I’ll have to look it up. :slight_smile:

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