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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Just started season two of that series… Its freakishly scary, depressing and so amazingly well made.

Without going all out into politics, the saddest part about this series, is that there are people in 2018 living under worse conditions, just swap out some parameters.

Under his eye.


I’m so looking forward to season 3. I think I’ll have to watch some episodes of season 1 and 2 before it starts again.


thx for the reminder, i am way back on Se1 Ep4. I need to try and get caught up sometime but I am in the middle of a couple other series and Luke Cage Se2 drops nest Friday…

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woo hooo


Netflix is killing it lately, if you enjoy stand up comedy they are doing a bunch of half hour specials coming in a few months, I think they are calling it the degenerates, has several comedians doing specials including Joey Diaz, one of my favs:) if you don’t know bout Joey Diaz here is a link, but fair warning to everyone, he is a “dirty” comedian, which nowadays just means uncensored lol


I cant freakin wait, loved that show and was starting to get a bit worried. That first season was so tense and so well acted.

On a down note The Wayward Sisters was canceled, it was set to be a Supernatural spinoff.


I watched season 1 when it came out. Not sure how I missed season 2 but binging hard on it today.



Spinoff - of Wayward Pines?


Ozark Season 1 had that Breaking Bad vibe where one bad decision sends you down the slippery slope …great TV. Binged on some Goliath Season 2 today …great bad guys! The competition between Netflix (Originals) and Amazon Prime Originals if def working out in Viewers favor!


Agreed @BoDarc

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Spinoff of Supernatural. It was going to be all the ladies in the show fighting monsters but some of them couldnt get along. Probably Claire, she is a d00die face and a terrible actress. I very much enjoy Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum.


Watch this show if you want to burn in Hell!

Just kidding, but if you are religious and thinking “oh, a show about a preacher, that sounds lovely” then you probably need to be warned that this show is superduper sacrilicious. Probably more so than Netflix-nee-FOX’s Lucifer.

(sacrilicious is NOT a type)


@zigz well played sir. I just finished watching Season 2 of Preacher in anticipation of Season 3 (soon!) One of the most violent shows on TV, but like killing Zombies it becomes somehow OK to Kill Angels since they just re-appear. They even kill themselves if injured so they can come back anew …or for their Casino act in Season 2 (Spoilers!).

The whole concept is way out there, but the well-written originality alone is reason to watch. CrAzY and certainly “Sacrilicious”. Creatively taking on the topics of Heaven and Hell, Life and Death (includes lovable kooky junky Vampires), is bold and thought provoking, but not for everyone.

Wifey won’t watch just for all the blood spatter.


Succession has been good.
Sharp Objects has been really good so far, lots of Zeppelin in the soundtrack.
Watching Castlerock now, has potential but King is the original M.Night Shamalan, so Im certain itll end in flames

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I really have to get the box-set of that series one of these days!

Right up there with Star Trek IMO. Very original, creative thinking/writing, excellent special effects, and all-around great acting and casting!
Some excellent humor too!


Took the words out of my mouth @Sprkslfly. I heard Netrlix dropped it, but Amazon Prime has it.

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When you’re in the mood for stupid funny " 60% of the time it works…every time." :smirk:


@mew, I see you, and I’ll raise you one for stupid funny …