Must have concentrates?

I’ve been vaping Capella and TPA liquids for months now and have noticed that I really struggle to taste my liquids now, especially strawberry. I am a huge fan of custard and fruity vapes-strawberries and cream used to be my all time favourite, sadly I cannot taste tpa strawberry (ripe) anymore. Consequently, I have decided to try more premium liquids such as FA. Are there any “must have” FlavourArt concentrates?? Can someone link me to some flavourful, simple 2-3 concentrate FA recipes?

Here is a very good list of simple three flavor recipes for you to go through , I haven’t seen any all FA recipe threads on here though.Good Luck!
I do like FA Nonna’s Cake really well even as a single flavor at 3.0%.
You should also check out Flavorah as well as Real Flavors concentrates but as far as Custards ,Cap Vanilla Custard V1 is still king IMO.


Try Cream Fresh, Meringue, Vienna Cream, Cookie, Caramel, Fuji Apple - You can see a list sorted by # of recipes here:

When you use a flavour too long you will stop tasting it. In that respect it works the same as smell does, you get used to it. You’ve got to switch between different flavours more often to avoid that.