My DIY story and adventure

First of if I am not posting this in the right please I’m sorry :slight_smile: . I am new to the site and this is my first post! I have spent the last couple of days cruising around and reading and I really like the community feeling here! So anyway down to business. I have been vaping for almost 5years now. Just started building and DIY about 13months ago now. I get the mixing part and its fun (i have a bit of a chemistry background I was a chemistry major in college so long ago though I didn’t finish) so I love cooking so mixing juice should be easy right?? Wrong! Don’t get me wrong I love to mix my juice but after about 6 weeks of mixing and creating barely vapable stuff I was frustrated. And did I mention flavors are not cheep when you are trying to create these masterpieces lol. So one day I mixed a base with no flavor and didn’t have time to do anything elder and I needed liquid so I vaped that. I liked it ( no pg just di water to thin the vg and my nic is in vg) so my wife and I have vaped unflavored for the past9months… Now we are bored and ready to get back into flavors… I got a few things from OSDIY mixed up some blueberry slush by it self at10% in my 3mg base and I’m hooked on flavors again! so I have a nice scale and just started mixing by weight. Looking for advice and inspiration. I like this mix but yea I think it could be better. Well I think I have taken up enough of your time for now… Thanks for reading any comments are appreciated!


Welcome (back?) @Jayrell to the exciting world of DIY and mixing - i’m new to mixing myself - 6 months only - so i’m sure experienced mixers here can provide much better advice, tips n tricks.etc

but if i start over again, here’s what i know i should be doing
1 - enjoy simple single and 2-flavor mixes (maybe with and without additives like cooler, sweetener …etc) before diving into more complex recipes. there’s soooo much in that space alone. many threads cover these topics already here in ELR to provide you inspirations and keep you busy (mixing and vaping) for a while

2 - know your flavors. take the time to mix a 5% or 10% shot of a flavor and “learn its profile” - then when it comes to making your own mix, or sub/tweak one that you like from here, you know what flavor you need to add in there

3 - steep, the old classic way

4 - don’t throw away bad mixes - these are opportunities to hone the abilities. try to “fix your mix” using your newly acquired skill (see #2) :slight_smile: some of the best original recipes and new ideas come to life exactly that way.

5 - enjoy, keep enjoying and keep sharing your experiences…

cheers and good luck


Howdy, @Jayrell and welcome to the forum. Nice to have you! :sparkles: Good advice from @TheFlavorSeeker - find out what kind of tastes you like, then look up information about several tex Strawberries, try one as singel flavor and see if you like it, if not, try another. Happy journey!


@Alisa Thanks for this lol this was one of the first ones I read when I started cruising the site lol good info there @Scottes777 very well done wish I had that when I first started mixing!

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@anon60225325 thanks for the reply! I am a little confused about “several tex strawberries”?

If you go to the resource page and hit the Flavor List and you type Strawberry and then search by rating, you will find the most used Strawberries. If you read a little about them in the notes you’ll get an idea if they are fresh, sour, ripe, green or sweet and then you can pick the one YOU find tempting. Wow, that was a lot of words without breathing, sorry about that. :blush:

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I see now :grinning:Thanks again

My pleasure, Sir :guardsman:

received my first CF order today - happy like an 8 year old with a pile of birthday gifts - it’s the first time i get a bunch of flavors from different vendors in the same package

immediately mixed couple of CAP VC1 custard recipes - also testers of Red Touch and Sweet SB. then i have 3 different melons in that order too (i’m on an eternal search for the ideal cantaloupe and honeydew)

there’s always something new somewhere - life never stops teaching