My first flavour selection

Hello guys!
I would like to share my first flavour selection.
Any advice is appreciated.
Let me know if theres anything i should be aware of with those flavours.
Butter Cream - Capella
Coconut - Capella
Golden Pineapple - Capella
Kiwi - Dark Arts
Marshmallow - Capella
Passionfruit - Capella
Pear - Capella
White Peach - Dark Arts
Philippine Mango - Flavor Apprentice

Wirh my first attempt i would like to recreate
sonrise liquid from cosmic fog and i will be heading
for high vg(70+) juices.

Any advice appreciated.


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Use the resources here



Seems like you already checked some recipes and ordered to create them. Way to go.
Soon you’ll be ordering more and expanding your flavor stash.

First things to do is to enter your flavors in your personal stash on ELR. Once done, you can click on the button “What Can I Make?” and it’ll return a bunch more recipes you can make with the flavors you have available.

Good luck with it and I hope you enjoy your creations :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you looked at the recipe side of the site, but it looks like some people are using all TPA not Cap when trying to mix that juice up…

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I didnt really understood why there is strawberry in it as the original recipe is kiwi, passion and pineapple. Is it possible that theres strawberry as well?

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I haven’t personally mixed this juice up nor tasted the original, but you’ll find out (actually two different things, the second of which is the most important)…
First often you’ll add some flavors to make other flavors taste more natural or make them more pronounced. Adding Pear to Strawberry often does that, also adding Cactus to some mixes will be used, not all the time but you’ll see people doing it.
The second thing and what is most important is that while it might be nice to re-create a juice exactly as the original person made, with diy most users quickly find out that they are making better tasting juice and making it how they like, fine tuning it to something that often goes beyond a mass market thing.
To me looking at the two different recipes, they appear to be two completly different animals due to the amounts of flavoring used, but for all I know they taste the same… (I can’t see how with all the Coconut Extra used though… lol)


Thanks a lot mate.
very helpful and good points made.
I will stick to it.
I hope i will be able to fine tune this recipes to my personal taste.
What do You think about my flavour selection ?
Is cappella good to start with ?
Thanks a lot for all advice.

Strawberry is in a lot of fruity recipes.

CAP (Cappella) is a good stable ingredient. It isn’t so much as a “good to start with” thing, each flavor vendor’s ingredients taste differently from one another. So if those flavors taste good to you that is what you want. You’ll often see people adding various different Strawberries or Creams together to get a specific strawberry or cream taste the person is shooting for. But you have to start somewhere, so starting with CAP ingredients is as good as another… if you’s had listed TPA ingredients, I would be saying the same thing… good luck!

I was thinking 2% Sucralose was a ton until I saw the second recipe had 4% Damn that’s enough for a couple dozen bottles the way I’ve tested that stuff. Coil Gunker for sure.
I mean there is sweet and then there is…

And then you have store bought juice that can have even more Sucralose in it…

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nods… I think the most I use of “Sweetner” in a recipe is about 2%, normally less (I see I’m using “sweetener” in 14 recipes with an average of 0.84%), that isn’t to say I may be using Marshmallow or another item to sweeten things though.

This forum is festooned with strawberry lovers and they will add it to everything. Fortunately it is not mandatory to do so, they won’t kick you off the forum if you don’t. I’m the living prove of that :laughing:


Ya my next mixing session and run to clone French Dude is going to include an ocean of Sucralose as the more I try the further I seem to get from the target.
Finger tester the last of the Factory juice after a couple of months of my own blends and thought damn that’s ungodly sweet now.

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nearly every company makes these flavors, nearly every company makes several similar flavors and nearly all those flavors have their own distinctive taste. It’s like you’re looking at a color scheme. You want “red”, but which one of the thousands of different shades are you talking about?

capella and tpa are probably the most commonly used flavorings, they’re the most widely available but that doesn’t mean they’re the best or the cheapest or anything like it.
you have to do some research on flavors, compare notes from different people and especially, try out different flavors yourself.

When you get new flavors, it’s a good idea to mix 5 or 10ml to vape as a single flavor. Generally speaking, 5% as a single flavor, but again, read up and check before you try because some brands only require 1% or 2% and even within the different brands, some flavors are a lot more potent or weak compared to others. Other tasting techniques are for example putting a few drops in some water and drink it, it’ll give a you good idea about the flavor and it’s all food grade flavoring anyways.
Take notes on every flavor so you have stuff you can go back to. Note down all the flavor properties, if there are after tastes, if it taste like candy version of the flavor, the fresh fruit, or whatever your flavor is like. The more info, the better you’ll start understanding your stash and the easier it becomes to replicate a recipe or fine-tune something to your liking.

Just don’t buy a flavor because it has a certain brand stamped on it. Every company makes flavors that you’ll like and flavors you will hate. You can’t just say what is quality to you and what not by the label.

When you enter your flavors in your stash, also enter the quantity and price you paid for it. In your profile preferences put down the info on your base liquids and the ELR calculator will also immediately spit out info on the cost of your brew.


Some very good advice here Jake and i really appreciate it.
Thank You for your time to answer my beginner questions.
I wanted to start with one brand and than move to another with
the same flavours so i can compare.
I will note everything for sure.
Is the nicotine playing the role in the final flavour?
as i want to make all my juices nicotine free, and i am bit
worried as there are different opinions on this topic.
thanks in advance guys

I can’t say what you’re doing is wrong, because there’s no right or wrong way to go about DIY, but you really should do a little flavor research before a purchase.
If you want to make an existing recipe with high ratings and you’re not going to use those exact ingredients, you’re going to be disappointed and miss out, and last but not least, you’re going to waste a lot of money on flavors you really don’t want to use.
CAP does have a good range of good flavors, but it’s also missing important flavors in its range and there are flavors from other companies that are way better than the ones from CAP.

Just to name a few, FW Cake (Yellow), INW Biscuit, FA Fuji, … CAP just doesn’t have an alternative for those and these are used in a wide range of popular recipes. Do yourself a favor and read up on flavor notes / reviews. It’s half the fun of mixing your e-liquids.

And to add to that, CAP is probably on the higher price range of flavoring. Because the flavors are pretty weak, you’ll need a higher % in your liquids (similar to TPA) than some of the stronger concentrates from a few competitors that also make great flavoring.

i don’t really mind spending couple pounds extra, on flavours just to hit
my personal favourites. Beside that i think its possible to do it in small batches and let it
steep and than compare? or am i wrong?

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Like I said, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it :slight_smile: You’ll only really know by experimenting and trusting your own experiences.

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I started with about 15 LorAnn I found at a local cake shop
10 from Capella
15 from TFA-TPA
20 from OOO
then another ELR member sent me a mixed dozen
then another member sent me 2 dozen with Purilum and more TPA
then a Sale from Real Flavors added about 20 more.
More buys from OOO and more from RF and I now stand at about 140 flavors.
I have a few FA (Flavor Art
Need MF and FV to finish my range of basic companies to test but I’ve got what I have all sample tested to the point I can mix and be reasonably sure on the results now.

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