N.E.T ~ Perique

Sliding this convo over here for future possibilities in NET creations of a blended Perique and whatever…

I’ve been doing some looking around myself in the catagory of pipe tobaccos which have a Perique back note. Reiner sounds to be a good choice for a Perique backed NET. I’ve been vaping a premade NET which has a goodly amount of Perique I. The blend and can say it’s quite de-lish! Bold and spicy, yet quite enjoyable for those that care for a full flavored tobacco vape.

So, hopefully this thread will see some action one day soon! :wink:


And in less than 24 hrs, no less, we’re back! …gathering my supplies; this Perique has that awesome deep, dark, fruity, fermented smell that says “you will be using me quite often friend”. :sunglasses:

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Interesting article on Perique tobacco ~

Just took this one out of the pot last night. :grinning: …can’t wait for it to come to full maturity; mixed up a 3ml test batch with a 25g unfiltered draw out of the jar and gave it a quick vape. Even before this steeps for a month or so, it has a wonderful and tasty sweet deep dark fruit, pleasantly mushroom musty and warm woody flavor. I would almost consider this a stand alone vape, if it weren’t for the fact there are so many other nice tobaccos which can be added to the mix. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can officially say, YES…this Perique NET can be considered a stand alone vape. Oh my goodness, can it.

After I vaped 1ml of this NET on a dripper, stand alone, I had the joy of walking over to my synthetic tobacco stash, grabbing my FA Perique (which, by the way, tastes nothing like real Perique tobacco), summarily tossing it into the garbage can and headed back to my dripper loaded with the real thing. :grinning: Good times!

For individuals who remember and enjoyed what a good Perique mixture tastes like in a pipe or for tobacco Vapers who like a comfortingly exotic, luscious quality to their juice…NET some Perique; it will take you to your happy place. :wink: