Need Help on Getting the Best Flavor from My Mixes

I really need help on what I am doing wrong. I have made multiple juices with flavor from several different vendors, e.g, TPA, CAP, FW, all purchased through Wizard Labs. I use the ejuice calculator correctly and follow measurements carefully but my juices come out tasting awful. Even follow recipes from this site accurately and when I vape them after mixing it does not taste like it is supposed to. For example, I bought TPA Watermelon (which got good reviews) mixed it up and it tasted very chemically. Will steeping for a couple of weeks make the difference or am I doing something wrong? The only favors I have been able to perfect and vape right away is the Cinnamon/Red Hot combination. Am I using too high of a percentage of flavoring (Average is 8-10% per flavor, sometimes 4% for certain ones) Made a batch of Hawaiian Punch, Energy Drink and it had flavor for about two puffs and just tasted flat. No sweetness to it. So I added a little sweetner to it and it just gave me a nasty aftertaste. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the long post. I just am desperate to get this right. Have spent a good bit of money experimenting and all off the juices I don’t want to vape because they taste like crap.

First of all, welcome to the forum! I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with your mixes. There’s a lot that can go into making a mix which means there’s also a lot that can go wrong. My first suggestion would be to take a look at the beginning DIY thread. While the companies you listed do have some good flavors, a lot of them can be very hit and miss, so you might also look through the Flavor thread. Next, it’d help to know some of the recipes you have tried as well as where you are getting your nic, PG, and VG from. What are your ratios and what are you vaping with?


This is what happens when people push the shake and vape myth

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Would have to agree.
Most if not all of the recipes I have mixed up have benefited greatly from steeping, whether that has been a day or two to over a month for custards, creams etc…
We all have mixes that don’t turn out as expected and a lot of that is down to our own tastes.
I have to say I have learned more through my mistakes than any successes I have had.


PG/VG ratios can also effect flavor outcome, right? I heard VG doesn’t do as well with absorbing flavoring, especially shake and vaping it. maybe a little warmth on it for a few hours could help facilitate the mixing of it some, if you aren’t patient enough to wait weeks for steeping to try a new creation.

Also, you mentioned you have had a lot of chemical taste, from what I have seen in many other posts, that sounds like the % could just be too high, maybe dilute it a tad and see what its like?

Did you get your nicotine from WL’s as well? If you did and your nic is above 3 it will mess with your flavor. WL’s nicotine is absolutely awful…

Steeping / time can help and does help. The other key is when you start out note every mix will work. Some people are very lucky at the start but most are not.

I was one of those that struggled at the beginning. You have to work at it. Do more research. Research/read more about each flavor. Replan everything out.

Beyond that. You may find it more helpful if you post a recipie here when asking a question. Maybe one of the percentages is off. Or other. Or some better advice we can give.

My other key was that I was chasing certain flavors and recpies that just were never ever going to work. I left those flavors and recpies behind and have been totally happy since.