Need help tasting strawberry

have a bunch of strawberry shisha and all I get is a waxy harsh slightly chemical taste, I’ve tried a few things like sucralose which didn’t help that much, someone suggested fa coconut just put a few drops in my tester and will try in a day or so. I have not tried mixing it with my cap strawberry or straw ripe will do that too, malic is also on my to-do list any other suggestions?
I can taste it in the liquid itself and its a great flavor I don’t want to have to make juice out of it :frowning:

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Chemical taste? Percentage too high, I’d guess.
Is it INW Shisha? Use very low % as far as 1-2% and it has to steep.
Try to leave the cap open for no more than 12 hours, it helps when you get that chemical taste.
Avoid using Malic Acid it’s difficult to use and it goes sour in no time.
Coconut would do it good if you use a touch of it to strengthen a cream,I wouldn’t use it for a strawberry layer, try lemon instead, depends how you want your strawberry.

Definitely try a strawberry layer with the ones you’ve got, you’ll find plenty of layers that use shisha around here.
Typical layer is ripe @3% and shisha @2% (I’d lower it to 1%) this just to give you an idea on how to work with it…


Forgot to mention I’ve used it at .5% 1% up to 2.5% it’s always the same tried it standalone it’s the same and in mixes is overpowers everything at almost any reasonable % no strawberry just wax and maltol. I’m ready to try anything and I’m not using my TFA sour and I can’t vape any of my strawberrys except ripe in small % I will try layering too

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Don’t have any Strawberry Shisha but if the chemical taste is volatile off-gassing may help.

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I can’t taste strawberry as strawberry in any vaped mixes / store bought juice so far, drip the liquid on my tongue though and I can taste it there. :confused:

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What kind of equipment are you vaping on? tank/rba? coil type and material? wick?
Have you tried any variations? Have you tried lowering/increasing power or temperature?

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Yeah tried everything, I don’t taste strawberry as strawberry, I can taste the change it has but it’s not strawberry to me when I vape :confused:

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Interesting! I remember that @Ken_O_Where was saying that some people are “strawberry challenged” and -just can’t taste the strawberry in the usual strawberry concentrates. Probably the chemicals used to simulate strawberry just don’t fool eveybody’s tastebuds.
Ken has a theory that a natural , organic strawberry extract such asMedicine Flower would be tasteable to the strawberry challenged. He just needs a few volunteers to try it!
Unfortunately, he wasn’t offering to pay for the extract! :laughing: MF are bloody pricey, but well worth the cost. If you want to give it a go, do let Ken (and the rest of us!) know how you got on

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The really strange thing is that if they taste the liquid, the flavor is there but when vaped it’s not.

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Yeah, i was puzzling about that, too. Maybe some of the chemicals that are essential to the stawberry flavour profile for some people are destroyed by the heat?

In view of that, it might also be worthwhile trying to vape the flavours at as low a wattage as poss, and see if that makes any difference?

I dunno people… have you ever tried other tricks… drink plain water or black coffee, brush teeth (and tongue etc), blow your nose until it’s completely clear, … ? If you google a bit, there are quite a few non-vape related tricks if you’re having issues with a flavor.

I drink a lot of coffee and I notice sometimes the aftertaste of it can mess with a flavor I’m vaping. When I brush my teeth or drink a glass or water it can already help.

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Which flavor manufacturer and how long did you steep it?

I would bet your shisha is rebottled and not in original bottles. You haven’t mentioned this; please confirm.

You might have got a bad batch… not nice I know…
Talking about SB though we can go on forever… but you asked for it and now you get it… :rofl: I’ll be brief… :joy:

Strawberries are one of the most difficult flavours to replicate,but why?

It has more than 600 molecules with most of them (350) odorous molecules, therefore volatile, that’s why it’s so difficult to replicate.
To make it even more difficult SB changes its sugar contents (we all know that) from 5% mainly due to the Citric Acid (lemon),malic and another that I can’t remember but it’s a minor acid :roll_eyes: content ratio to nearly 10% when matured/ripe ( Then it starts degrading…and that’s when it gets juicy)

You say I’ll buy an organic SB and getaway with all this mumbo jumbo… No chance, there is a precise point called FD factor (Flavour dilution) in which you can still detect the smell of strawberry, so you have to get the right manufacturer that knows exactly which is the right point!

So with our steeping or leaving the cap open or magnetic stirring, what are we doing?? You guessed it, didn’t you… Strawberries are short steep mostly S&V, you’d loose the volatiles.

To make it even more difficult the strawberries we mostly know are de-facto an hybrid cultivar (Fragaria x ananassa made in the 17th century) but guess what? Pineapple… Start getting an headache?? Not yet? Wait… you will… We only talked mainly about the smell of it not the taste of it…

The biochemical processes of a SB are very complex, the main SB aroma’s molecules have been identified in furaneol and methoxyfuraneol and methyl anthranilate but the latest studies say that the key compound for a good strawberry is: HDMF [4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone] I guess we’d have to look for that one…

Where is the "taste"truth?
The main taste factors found are : Caramel, Lactone, lactone like, buttery, fruity, green leaf and some also found peach in it, all with different FD factors… decripting this combination is nearly impossible… but it might help us in building a solid SB layer!

This only gives you a slight insight of how complex SB is to replicate, and we could take it further to different cultivars like wild SB, i.e. Fragaria vesca and so on.

What we can do is analyze what compounds our chosen manufacturer uses, this to understand if it’s a good strawberry or not, or see with an organic manufacturer how they did it.
we’ll have to be carefull not to loose the volatile… it’s half of it…!

I hope that the above will help getting a better strawberry layer! Let me know… :+1:


Cool info and I’d love to try MF sometime but I haven’t seen a single source in Canada yet maybe through amazon or order from the states at some point flavors shouldn’t get held at customs right? I have tried at .5 % up to 2.5% single and mixed. I’m using voopoo drag SS spaced juggernaut coils in the engine nano

I thought in a different post where he wanted to exchange his flavor for another with someone, he said inawera… but i could be wrong.

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yea its up for trade too but since im in canada i doubt it would be worth the cost to ship between USA. yes its inawera shisha strawberry thought it was the only “shisha” sb so I generalized.

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yea its rebottled definitly by I’ve ordered like 40 flavors from them no problems nothing is diluted or anything wrong with them. They are probably the best company we have in canada.


There’s one Canadian supplier listed, here:

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cool not ready to pay 25$ + shipping for another potential disappointment yet but i will soon enough. thanks for the link now I know where to get some MF in other flavours that i know i can taste