Need Help with DIY VG // PG SPLIT

Whats going on people today is my first day on here and my first attempt at making some simple good juices i need some help i can figure out how to make a juice “max vg” but can’t figure out how to make a juice with a 80/20 split i know its pretty dumb question but the calc doesn’t seem to show me can anyone help me out?

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Uncheck Max VG and input your desired ratios.

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There are no dumb questions. There is probably people who are wondering the same thing


Also, if you use a PG nic base and PG flavorings (most are) and the total of both is more than 20% of the mix, you cannot get to 20/80. Just in case you’re seeing the error messages.


thanks bro where did you find this calculator?

Uhm. Here! :smile:


subtle. :grin:

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I had this same question- I want to start DIY also my question is if I buy vg nic and use vg base then pg flavoring then I should be good right? I want to buy CAP vanilla custard and would like a nectarine or peach recommendation that’s good? Want to try and replicate coil vapes nectarcus which I only found one
recipe on another forum with no feedback- they said
flavorah vanilla custard @7% and flavorah peach 4%
I think - want to try to get a 80/20 mix - any help would be great. I’m afraid to buy anything until I know what to buy

For vg/pg/nic splits I would recommend using an ejuice calculator. This site has one and another popular one ejuicemeup.

As for flavors I’m still too new to say what’s good. I can’t recommend an exact way to go. As for cloning a vendor juice that is something we all chase. It may require using multiple vendors (FA cap tpa and so on) to get it just right. It may also require supporting flavors like fresh cream, or marshmallow, or vanilla or the list goes on.

I suggest you take a look at this thread I and a few others put together:

As well as this one for flavors:

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Thanks I didn’t know where to start- I watch tutorials and everyone’s got a different route

Read through those two threads and read everything in them. Follow all links inside and read through them as well. You will come away with a wealth of knowledge.