Need some all day vape recipes

Hey all,
So I started diy this week and have mixed 5 or so recipes and there not bad, they are vapeable but don’t have that wow factor I’m going for. I have 22 flavors mostly by ina and also have some tfa and cap mostly fruits, but have some creme and cake batter and sweet & tart, honey and some others. But my question is can any of you give me a solid all day vape that has good reviews and has been mixed by many others. I like a sweet smooth fruit, not to sweet or rich. But will vape anything premium. I can order new flavors this week will probably pick up another 20-30 8ml bottles. I found a clone of cutwoods unicorn milk and will be ordering flavors for that aswell. Thanks yall I really appreciate it.


MIght want to add all your flavors to your stash and use the “what can I make” button feature.
Hard to recommend a ADV not knowing the flavors you have.
You mentioned Cuttwoods, could check this one out:

I like it for a ADV.


I love this recipe for the wow factor you mention , everything just comes together.The flavor is complex but so smooth.
Castle Long Clone by jonhall2 :

1.5% Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
1% Brown Sugar Extra (TPA)
1.5% Coconut Extra (TPA)
2.5% Kentucky Bourbon (TPA)
1.5% Toasted Almond (TPA)
1% Vanilla Bourbon (TPA)
1% Vanillin 10% (TPA)

Flavor total: 10%
Remember to rate it at:


I’d love to make some suggestions, but my flavor profile is not your ‘fruits’ flavor profile for ADV. I’m more into custards, creams, nuttiness, and coffees.


Here is a thread with some good ones !
Some of mine are gone now but I tried to add a few back to the thread and continue to do so when I come across more ADVs that are shake n vapes !


Can’t seem to find any kentucky bourbon (tpa) on the sites I’ve checked in the uk. Waiting on it just for that recipe.

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Here they have it in 10ml s

Ibought it just for that recipe too :grinning:

It’s doing my nut in that i’m abroad in a hotel & won’t get to mix it for another few days.

I did add my flavors to the profile and it only gave me about 8 recipes and none had any ratings, they were all basically what I have been throwing together. I have been trying to clone a premium juice my local vape show has its a fruit rollup max vg and it’s so good, I’m getting closer to it, with 3 ingredients strawberry, peach, and Cantaloupe. But I’m ordering flavors based off of recipes I get so I can make those while I try and create my own ADV!! this is the recipe I made to clone the fruit roll up. Thank you all for the help I’ll be ordering flavors tomorrow for a few recipes. If anybody tries this one I would love some feedback, constructive criticism on possible variations. Thanks yall

Most mixes are much better after they steep a week or two or even month or so. A couple of weeks ago I found some Strawberry Cheesecake, I made in May and it has aged wonderfully.
I would recomend leaving the INW Wild Strawberry out unless you make a large batch, its ridiculous stong and will give it a odd taste. I used it at 1 drop per 80 mls of juice. This one needs at least a couple of weeks steep, but better after a month.


David you should share that BB cheesecake recipe you have it’s awesome i’ll toot your horn for ya !!!

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thanks Its public. This strawberry is really good too. Just gotta put it up and let the graham cracker and INW Wild S berry steep a few weeks. Here is a blueberry cheesecake.

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i generally have at 100ml of this in my cupboard dragon born :

1.2% Blueberry Wild (TPA)
6% Dragonfruit (TPA)
0.5% Ethyl Malthol 10% (TPA)
0.85% French Vanilla (CAP)
2% Greek Yogurt (TPA)
0.75% Juicy Peach (TPA)
3% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
1.25% Whipped Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 15.55%
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That sounds awsome!! And I’ll Def be ordering the flavors for this one too!!

its probably my favorite recipe i’ve made so far i love fruit vapes and adding a few creams and vanillas i find really helps to round them out

Thank you @London_Fog been looking all over for that. An order will be placed soon. :ok_hand:

You’re welcome Pattie, enjoy :yum:

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I vape this everyday and always have 120ml in the cupboard.

Peach Cupcake :

2% Cake Batter (CAP)
5% Juicy Peach (TPA)
8% Peach (FW)
2.5% Vanilla Cupcake (FW)

Flavor total: 17.5%
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I surely am no help, but it is hard to do…making the exact WOW you want.
Everyone has a different palette for taste to a degree, then there are things like margaritas that many share a love for.
I am nowhere near an expert, but I know some of the best ADV came from many, many trial and error recipes.
I generally think of something I like, maybe a dessert, a drink, a specialty coffee, etc., then try to copy it in flavor.
Of course the problem is how many flavors and how much of each…then if it’s good as a shake-n-vape…it will surely change when steeped, so you need to make small batches and use them fast, or wait and steep for large batches. It just takes time and patience, and most I have made that are my favorites were/are simple mixes, as opposed to trying to get every flavor in one. One very important thing I have learned from the DIY scholars is…keep a log/journal of every mix you make and make comments on it, then you can review and not guess at it. I hope this wasn’t a waste of your time…
Merry Christmas


Where do you do this profile? I’ve been looking for something like that.