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Need some help with a particular flavor


My Capella Raspberry is indeed V1.

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Thank you, I wanted to confirm before I order

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If you’re referring to @BoDarc’s post, it’s typically understood (or accepted) that the flavors are V1 (unless specifically noted).

Flavors were flavors (until the diacetyl fear uproar) until they added v2 (Cap) or DX (TFA).

The exception to the rule (currently) is Real Flavors (RF), which in their case has nothing to do with D/A/AP. In their scheme, it actually means the flavor profile has been altered.



What @VapeyMama said plus have you considered adding a little bit of TPA Sour
or cold pressed lime from FA



I did add some sour to some of my single flavor tests, but like I said previously, the name of the juice is called “sour berries & cream”, but it is not sour, it is very tart.

From my few tests, I could tell sour really isn’t what I was after. I have not tried lime though, might have to test with that.

I also placed an order yesterday with Bull City, and here’s what I ordered:

Raspberry Concentrate-INW
Forest Fruit-FA
and also:
RY4 Double-TFA

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You need to take a look here,

and this brand in particular, it’s nice and very true to form, it is pretty strong as far as flavors go. The people at @Nicotine_River are top notch and will do just about anything they can to help you out. If you have questions regarding the Purilum brand check the testing notes thread

They also carry Nic Select nicotine and IMHO better than nude nicotine brand.

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thanks, i will check them out



damn! You shouldn’t have posted that link. I just ordered yesterday, and now I want to order more! lol but I will probably order from Nic River on Friday (payday):grinning:



Although Pomegranate is not a berry, it may still be the one causing some of the tartness.



really? any pomegranate, or from a particular manufacturer?



I have only tried Flavor West Pomegranate. It’s both sweet and tart - and red (in taste). You mentioned raspberries and imo the two flavors have a bit in common. Could be a combination, but I would still look into it.



I use the TPA in a couple of mine tart but not verly. you know the more I think about it the more I think it’s probably a combo or a specialty that some company had made if they were large enough to do so

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Well, it very well could be a combo, but there is the unmistakable taste of “picked fresh from the shrub” that I am looking for. Once I find that flavor for a base, then, I will be more confident in mixing other stuff.

That is why I took @Mourning_Glory recommendation and ordered the Inawera raspberry.

According to the description it says: “Raspberry taste picked right from the shrub. Very fresh, sweet and sour at the same time.”

RF had a similar description on their site for the blackberry, and I ordered it, but it still wasn’t it, so my search continues…

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I think I will be placing another order tonight from Nic River, and I think I will also get some pomegranate. thx.

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Be careful … buying new flavors is very addicting and can get a bit costly. I have already spent well over 2K on flavors alone.



LOL! Tell me about it. I just started DIY about 3-4 months ago, and already have almost 100 flavors! I couldn’t believe it when i looked at my inventory list.:astonished:



Hey everyone, thanks to this great community, I am getting a lot of suggestions for finding my elusive flavor. So, I received all my new flavors, and I have the following 10ml testers steeping right now:

Raspberry-Cap (8%)
Raspberry Concentrate-INW (3.1%)
Forest Fruit-FA (4.9%)
Raspberry-FLV (3%)

All are 60VG/40PG 9mg nic mix. I like to mix with nic because my final flavor will have nic, so I figured I should include it. I also used the these percentages found here on ELR as a starting point. So any input from here might help. Like how long should I steep? Are any of my flavor percentages off?

Also @Mourning_Glory I finally have all the flavorings to try your Rootin’ Tootin Raspberry recipe, but I forgot to leave an empty bottle to use :open_mouth: lol. As soon as I finish a tester, I will mix it :grin:



That might be a bit high. I’d probably start at 1.5-2%. But you could always dilute it with 50% base if you let it steep and it’s too strong.

Personally I’d try to let those steep for about 5 days.



Aha! Thank you, will keep that in mind when I taste. Thanks

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Yeah, @VapeyMama is on point. That particular Raspberry got a bit chemically at 3% for me (only slightly). At 2%, I found it very good, but had a bit more throat hit than most of the other Ina I’ve had.

Waiting for the Wera Gardens variety of it to come in soon to compare side by side. Hoping for as good a flavor (if not better) from the WG version, but with less TH.

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