Needing starter help

hi all.i have just come across this site and i am delighted to see so much advice and help,so was wondering if you could give me help as a noob to diy,is there any set collection of concentrates i need as a starter base that would be used in most mixes to start with,i just dont know what flavours go with what and there are so many out there i am lost as to where to begin.

I would suggest browsing some popular recipes and pick out a few you may want to make. Order a scale and some mixing bottles and the flavors for the recipes you’d like to make.

Here is a lot of good info for beginners…

These recipes are in the order of popularity.

Here is a list of the most popular flavors used on ELR Site.

If you’re in the US here are a couple good places to order flavors.

Bull City Vapors


You can order a gram scale on or
Make sure it reads 2 digits after the decimal point. (example: 3.25 grams)

If you need any specific info just ask, someone will help you.


many thanx it was just the more i read the less i was taking in and got completely lost.but as you suggest i pick 1 recipe and get the ingredients and start from to pick the 1 recipe to start with lol

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A very good thread here on ELR to help with learning what flavors go with other flavors is our Flavor Pairing thread. Here’s the link…

I do recommend you learn first to mix single flavor ejuices. It’s very important to learn how to use nicotine and the other base ingredients before you get into more complicated mixes. Once you get that down you can branch out to Flavor Pairing and multi flavored mixes. As @Pro_Vapes said, we are here to help with questions so don’t be shy…


many thanx.i dont know if i did the right thing but as i thought it would be easier to start with i ordered 250 mls ready mixed vg/pg/at 70 30 with 3mg nic so all i have to do is add my flavour consentrates but dont know how it works on the calculator of your recipies

Hate to say it but you have made your first mistake. 70/30 blend at 3mg is great IF you do not need to add anything to the mix. Once you add you have diluted the mix and your nicotine value will decrease and if PG based Flavors are added, PG value will increase. Most of us here use 100mg VG based nicotine…

Heartland Vapes, link for good nicotine

You can also buy your VG and PG from this same company. Most of us here on ELR now blend by weight. You can start by using syringes if money is a factor but highly recommend using weight measurement as soon as possible for ease. Don’t know if there is a tutourial for using the ELR Calculator but it is a must that you learn to use it. Again, we’re here for questions…

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great help this is wat happens when someone doesnt know what to do. much appreciated.


Depending on if you subohm vape 3mg nic may not be a problem. What mg nic do you currently vape?

I’m assumming this is his ending goal for nic of course. Not accounting for the application. You could be very right to ask application and goal. however, adding PG based Flavor to this 70/30 nic base will lower nic and raise PG…

I’m thinking if he want high vg mix like most of us, just order 250ml of 100mg 100% vg and blend the two. He should have 85/15 vg/pg @ 53mg nic. At 15% flavor he could get a 70/30 mix.

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yes my goal is 3mg nic,did not think about it diluting with flavours.

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If your calculations are correct it sounds good to me…No sense in wasting what he already bought !!!

If you added 20% flavoring (that is just an example from the high end which certainly isn’t always necessary, Gordon, for example, I am vaping a single flavor TPA Peppermint today that is knocking my socks off at just 6% flavoring) you’d have a 2.4mg 56/44 vg/pg final mix.

OTOH, with something like FA Fuji Apple, I get plenty of flavor at 3%, so adding that to his premixed base would yield 2.9mg 68/32 vg/pg.

So your hands are very tied for what you can make from that base without adding more nic, but then the math is going to get very annoying. BUT if you don’t care about your final mix being anywhere between 50/50 and 65/35 and your nic level being between 2-3mg and you just wanna work with learning flavors you’re not completely hosed.

But if you stick with this, you’re most likely going to want more control over your final mix.

51.5mg nic - like I said, the math gets annoying! :wink:


Most get a high nic content and dilute it to about 18-36mg nic level, then calculate and mix with it. You just need to get you nic level up and if you like high vg then you need to raise it too. What pg/vg ratio do you want for your mixes and @ what nic level do you vape?

Actually, I guess it’s not so bad if you use any recipe calculator (like the one on this site) that lets you specify all those parameters. Just be sure to enter them if you go this route!

vg/pg 70/30 and at 3mg is wat i am using .so should i be buying all separates eg /nic/vg/pg to calc my mixes

He’s not diluting the 3% if he adds 100mg nic. That 3% will remain the same.

I’m gonna back out and let guys handle it because too much info will confuse things even more.

Correct. This is the only way you will have COMPLETE CONTROL of your nic and PG/VG ratio…

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k.listen guys thanks for all your help. will have to go and get the supplies in and when im all set up n ready get back to you all to start me all over again lol


If you buy 100mg nicotine make sure you get gloves to handle it !!!

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