New at this so feedback please

Hi would just like to say hello to everyone. And I am enjoying the site. I have a couple recipes that are shared as I am new at the game so an feedback would be welcome. And thanks please share with me an recipes that you can no more B&M all will be DIY.


Welcome to ELR!

Can you post a link to your recipe page please

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Thanks Ken


Welcome, tv204. Afraid i am off for a few hours for that sleep thing. Make yourself at home. :slight_smile:

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A great post that may help you out a bit:


Welcome tc204!

2 hints regarding the web-interface:

  1. If you want to change a recipe, but keep the old version (“Orange creamsicle #1” vs “Orange creamsicle”), you can use the “Adapt this” function (e.g. view the existing recipe, click the blue wrench icon, “Adapt this”)
  2. Try to stick to existing flavor names. TFA=TPA, so use the exsting “Lemon (TPA)” instead of “TFA Lemon”. You can use the search function to find the existing names.
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Thank you sir

No ideal as how to do that ?

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Welcome TC !!

@tc204 No reason to reply to yourself…

If you want to reply to another person hit the :arrow_backward:Reply button on their comment

Sorry just finding my wat around in here.

Thanks everyone everything is appreciated!


:). Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: