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New DIYer advice needed please

I’ve been using a shisha pen for 3 years now and I want to have ago at mixing my own liquids. I have a very sweet tooth so like very sweet fruit flavours with very minimum nicotine. I’ve bought 18mg nicotine
cap strawberry taffy
cap sweet strawberry
cap Bavarian cream
cap super sweet
flavourart vanilla custard
tfa toasted marshmallow
flavour art cappuccino (also I’m a coffee addict lol)
I tried a 60vg 40pg mix which works in my e cig but stuggling getting flavours strong and sweet enough also I used to be a cake maker so have a few food flavours ie vanilla can I use these in e cig liquids thank you all for any help

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As long as your food flavours are water-soluble, do not contain any oil, fructose, molasses, colorants or any other weird additives they should be fine.
I can’t really help you with the rest but I’m sure the fruit crowd (cakes) will chime in at some point :grinning:
They are probably gonna tell you to use a variety of different strawberries to get a good result and the creams and custards need a very long steep.

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thank you:+1:


Try this I love it

TFA Peach 4.
TFA Watermelon 4
CAP Sweet Cream 2
PUR Boysenberry 1.25
CAP Juicy Orange 1.25
CAP Banana 1.
CAP Coconut 1
TFA Sour .25
PUR Super Sweet 0.25

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Might benefit by reading;

Suggest using recipes that look good to you and see if the strengths recommended suit. Post and get back to us and some of us may be able to help.

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