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New flavorah flavors!


Cant wait to try their brulee! Im a big fan of inw’s version



I still haven’t received the brulee shipment it should be here today. I am in love with the graham cracker!!! It is more of a soft baked oatmeal cookie but I am not made at that because we were all in need of an oatmeal cookie like this one lol. It can be turned into a Graham cracker easy enough but its a perfect oatmeal cookie stand alone. I don’t know why they assume you work for flavorah Laura wouldn’t an employee have all there flavors??? Lmao. I do have all of there flavors so far but I still use other brands but I use more flavorah than anything for sure.



A couple things “instantly wrong” about that. Lol

While the latter part illustrates my curiosity, and the reason for my question…I’ll answer the “observation” in the other. :wink:

The whole reason I was direct, and asked the question, is because I didn’t want to assume.

I’ve seen plenty of other flavor fans before, and this was an “exception to the rule” situation, as even they always had at least a couple other brands represented. Even if only in single digit numbers.

Glad I could help put a laugh in your day!
I appreciate you’re helping prove my point though! :laughing:

Like I said in pm with Laura5, Even die hard Coke (or Pepsi) fans still drink a sprite, or rootbeer, or strawberry soda once in a while… :wink:

Bottom line, for the others who might have been curious, she’s still early in her “mixing career” and plans on trying others. She just stumbled into what (has so far) turned out to be her favorite brand, out of the gate! No big woop. I just wanted to find out for sure, and also try and make sure that she knows there are other flavors out there that are every bit as impressive (and in some cases possibly more so) as FLV, while adding that, I would hate to see her miss out on them by “blind devotion” as I put it.

Regardless, she has plans on trying others, so it’s all moot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes the answer to the question not asked may surprise you. So I asked. :slight_smile:



Taken straight outta the horses mouth. Thanks @Sprkslfly



Okay, so heres a thread derail…we will resume topic in a jiff
How in the world do you look up specific peoples recipes? Is following them the only way? HELP. I’ve explored much of the site and found answers…but this has baffled me for months



If you know they’re user name you can just type it in when you are searching for recipes.

Example…you don’t have any public recipes…


At first I searched for Laura and forgot to add the 5…


Just wondering from looking at your notes. What percentage did you mix brie cheese at?



I have 12 public recipes
i hope they show up??* thanks for the tip…thats how i have been doing it and was just double checking there wasn’t another way :slight_smile:
And brie cheese i mixed at 1.5 for one of my recipes to get that creamy, semi sweet cheese taste. It has ample room to go higher

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Your recipes are not showing up for me…???

Really 1.5% brie cheese!? Wow! To me it smells like super thick puke! Lol! I couldn’t imagine vaping it at 1.5%. That would be crazy. It has this sour smell to it. I don’t know. Crazy. Wow!

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The smell is super misleading, flavorah is tricky like that.



try this @juice_junkie_lover



Lembas bread. Complex, another hard to peg flavor. An entertaining review! LOTR FOR LIFE💋



She also states a leading licorice note…

I realize it’s a fictional bread.
And that it’s one person’s impression…
But FFS. IF they’re going to put bread in the name, then I would expect bread to be in the profile on some basic level!!

I appreciate the notes. They are definitely saving me some money!!

BTW, it’s not thread clutter if you want to copy/paste your notes here Laura! It would save at least 3 extra steps for those on phones! :slight_smile:



Yep its working now.

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Too funny that they made a lembas bread flavor! I wrote a recipe back in July that I never mixed… I totally forgot about it until now, I’ll have to mix it up and see if it’s good!



Ammaretto sour: Upon inhale there is a citrus note. It is a bold, fresh orange. The next flavor is a heavy, spiced, vanilla cream. There is a slight taste of almond that presents itself around the time of exhale. (2-3% for use)

Blackberry Blossom: Smells and tastes like blackberry brandy. It is a strong and heavy flavor (would suggest 1-2%) Good as a stand-alone or for tobacco or drink recipes. Has a slightly sweet, slightly bitter taste. Upon inhale, it tastes almost earthy/woody.

Brulee: An even mixture of caramel and pudding. A sweet and light flavor. A perfect add to a dessert or bakery. 2% or more for use.



Carrot: Smells like fresh cut carrots with brown sugar and pepper.
A sweet carrot, this would be great for a carrot cake. There is a taste of sugar and a hint of butter. Raw, freshly cut, natural carrot flavor. 2-3% for a more noticeable flavor. Stand alone, no.***

Graham cracker: Smells like a cinnamon cookie. Dominant vanilla taste with cinnamon/sugar high-lights. There is a taste of a biscotti cookie way in the background. It is very smooth but doesn’t shine as a stand alone. Would work well with bakery and other desserts! (2-3% for use)

Lembas bread: Lord of the rings anyone?? This is a fictional elven bread but it is tasty. It is sweet. Upon inhale, there is a taste of black liquorice(not overpowering, which is difficult to accomplish with liquorice!) A dense coffee cake without the sugar/cinnamon. There is also a hint of pecans. Overall, this is satifying for a dessert/ bakery flavor. (2%-3% is sufficient.)



I think you mixed up carrot with brulee. :wink:



Morning mimosa: Smells very strongly of a fruity vodka drink! Strawberry, mango, fizzy red wine. With slight floral and citrus notes, this can be a stand alone or a great additive to a drink recipe. (Use between 1-2%)***

Pastry Zest: Smells like a cinnamon roll. This is not a stand alone. There is a sweet dough taste layered with cinnamon/sugar. A very light flavor, 2-3% for use. Would be good with bakery and desserts.

Peppermint: Very strong flavor. Menthol with mint. There is a green apple somewhere in the background giving it a slightly sweet inhale. (1-2% for use) good for tobacco, chocolate and gum recipes. Stand alone is an option.



Popcorn: Smells like sweet kettle corn. (2-3%) It is not a stand alone as it is light in flavor. There is a slightly sweet/salty taste. The butter flavor gets stronger and stronger the longer it is vaped. There is NO diacetyl in this flavor.***

Pucker: The main flavor is similar to ice. Its throaty and comparable to a mild menthol flavor with out the minty, cold bite. Bitter, earthy with fruity notes. 2% is a good starting place. ***

Root beer: Smells syrupy with heavy liquorice notes.
2% is a good starting place. Molasses is a dominant taste. There are liquorice and vanilla undertones. Overall, this is a decent replica of the drink it is named after. Stand alone or jazz it up for a fizzy drink or dessert recipe!



Sangria: Bitter and a little sweet. Red grape with cranberry. The taste is lighter than i expected, recommend 2-3% for use.

Smoked butterscotch: Smells like the circular, yellow butterscotch candy.
Right out of the gate is a vanilla flavor. Close behind is a creamy caramel taste. It is a sweet dessert flavor. Not a stand alone. (2-3% for use)

Vanilla bean: Smells like french vanilla cappuccino. It is not a stand alone flavor. It has a vanilla extract taste. Almond and very mild coffee bean accents. Would be good for desserts, bakery, coffees, ice creams. (2-3% for use)