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New flavorah flavors!


Black tea: 2%
This is a complex flavor. Many elements working together to create a “hot cup of tea”. Even amounts of bitter and sweet. The inhale is dry. The flavor is light. The taste is predominantly tea leaf.


FLAVORS ARE OFFICIALLY RELEASED!! Order up ladies and gents!


Eisai Tea
Tested 0.5/1% (RDA)

I actually have a Custard I am using now with Eisai Tea at 1%, and it is pretty darn light and delicious. I can’t say fully that this was meant to be a full flavored Green Tea, but I get a White Tea with Honeysuckle Nectar. The flavor is amazing. If I ran out of Eisai Tea, it is one of those flavors I would have to buy in bulk to hoard, it is that lovely. It rests somewhere between a White and Green Tea, with no bitter notes, and a subtle earthiness, very subtle. The Honeysuckle note is really creamy and smooth, and it hit me when using it with this memory of pulling the end off the flowers as a child and sucking the nectar. It is really delicious.

Red Tea
0.5/1% (0.25% first batch)

First thing I taste is Sassafras, I can’t explain it, and maybe my taste buds are just a little silly but that is what I taste, followed by a sweet, woodsy and lightly fruity tea flavor. I do like this one, I just think it is a little more dry than Eisai, and would definitely be better used to boost another tea flavor. I think Red and Black Tea together are really nice, with the Red Tea slightly lower. I would love to use this as a refresher flavor, with light fruits, FLV Ice, or creams to create a unique mix. On the tongue, there is almost a Bubblegum type sweetness, but that doesn’t really come out when vaped. It’s hard to describe. After a little steep, the slight Bubblegum is still there. Slightly more earthy than the Eisai, and more noticeable.

Note: I keep getting this estery, sweet note, almost like a Tutti-Frutti type flavor, like Isobutyl Acetate. It’s quite unique. I like it a lot.

Black Tea

Notes of Rose Hip, Dark and Robust Black Tea flavor. The Rose Hip flavor is unmistakable, although very delicate. It is lighter than say, an Irish Breakfast Tea, which can have slightly bitter notes and an ‘in your face’ flavor, it’s actually more like a well brewed cup of Black Tea. No bitter notes, and the Black Tea flavor is actually there, prominent and sweet. So far it is lovely, and potent. This will make an incredible Black Tea flavor base, especially for incorporating fruit/citric flavors. In fact, Flavorah Black Tea is the perfect flavor to finally perfect my ‘Constant Comment’ type recipe, it is what I really needed. The Clove and Citrus seem perfect partners for this Black Tea.
Edit: I kind of feel that this and Eisai Tea have matching qualities, one is light and vibrant, the other dark and robust and yet they share some very unique flavor nuances. Almost like dark and light, Yin and Yang, etc. The perfect contrasting flavors from Flavorah, both delicious as well.

I will add Avocado, Green Tea, Kinako Soy in a little while. :smile: Hope everyone is having a great Friday so far!


Drinking red tea (rooibos) tastes like hot, flat root beer to me so I think your taste buds are bang on :grin:


I love the way you review the teas. You touch on every aspect. I appreciate your solid reviews! Thanks!


Kinako soy: 2%
This one took me a while to place. Automatically i see soy in the title and started developing a soybean taste. I dont actually know what soybeans taste like, with that, lets carry on…
Upon inhale there is a smoky butterscotch/caramel taste. It is slightly sweet. Upon exhale, there is a nutty taste, perhaps pistachio? I feel like this would be a good add to a bakery or dessert.
*side note, the husband has had a soybean candy and tells me this flavor tastes like said candy.


Kinako = roasted soybean powder


I spose i could have done research on it haha. Thats interesting tho thanks!


Ah thanks Lolly, I thought my taste buds were just being crazy, I kept thinking, am I really tasting that? But sure enough, it’s Sassafras. :blush:

@Laura5 that made me night! I fully appreciate all the flavor notes you do as well, it seems like every flavor I like you have notes for, so it helps me buy as well. I always find your notes super helpful.


Kinako Soy

I loved this as soon as tasted on the knuckle test. The first note I get is almost like an Amaretto, sort of a bitter Almond, but it’s just more complex than that. It does have this nutty bit going on, but not the heavy Acetyl Pyrazine type nuttiness that we associate with other flavors, it’s more of a sweet and subtle nuttiness. I knew as soon as tasted this, I wanted to try it with tobaccos. Don’t get me wrong, it’s much more versatile than that, and pairs really nicely with creams and desserts, but after adding it to a really simple tobacco mix, I was in yum yum heaven. This flavor is bright, nutty and delicious. I really, really hope that the name doesn’t intimidate anyone from trying it out because it is such a unique and delicious flavor.


I have used this so much over the past week, it’s insane. FLV Avocado is like a ‘body enhancer’. It may be hard to imagine, but this adds a certain fatty richness that I haven’t really gotten from any other flavor. It is really creamy, slightly nutty (very slightly), and smooth.

The flavor itself is actually quite delicate, it won’t take over whatever you are mixing with. It is very rich and creamy, and adds this fatty, almost silky layer to your mix. I have used it alone, and to enhance a light custard mix, and the results were fantastic. It lifts the texture of creams and vanillas and smooths the overall mix. The flavor itself is not very green or ethereal, it’s very subtle. 0.5% to a mix for luscious body. I am currently using a Vanilla Cream and Avocado mix that is just delish.

I get Avocado may not sound like an appealing flavor in terms of mixing, but the versatility of this flavor is its major selling point (well that and it’s just plain awesome). I am ashamed to say this, but some of these were not flavors I would have chosen for myself, but in liking them I can finally open myself up to trying different flavors, and appreciating their uniqueness.


Avocado 2%
The room smells like a super buttery nut when this is being smoked. The taste is creamy and light with a very faint, but rich, nut taste. An inhale of this will give you a semi-sweet, buttery mouth feel. Overall, this seems perfect for profiles that need a more rich, buttery note.


I can’t wait for the batches to complete their steeping ! I had to sneak in a few multi flavored batches as well.

Avocado - wow super palpable I paired it immediately with chocolate can’t wait to taste the results
Kinako Soy- Right out the gate I get Mochi so of course I went ahead and paired some FLV Yam with it and am trying out some subtle hints of strawberry in that mix.

The group of teas I SF tested them and are steeping but will report back on how those go.

So far the glass bottles are a really nice touch and the pipette is super delicate so I wouldn’t be too heavy handed on small batches and can really see where large batches will benefit from this concept


Love the idea with avocado! Please share a recipe when you have one, if you will!! Yum!


As of now definitely a WIP



From Bryson Flavorah

“Just wanted to send a quick heads up that you will be getting first crack at our new flavors shortly. Currently I have 12 of the 16 flavors finished up and just finalizing formulations on the last 4 flavors. Once all 16 are done I will be sending them your way to try out before they are released to the public.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one here with this early opportunity, but I’ll report back on these new flavors once I have received and tested the new flavors.


Yeah, I talked to Bryson today as well. I’m eagerly awaiting that taro!!


Me as well! He asked me to wait to post a full thread for the 2019 flavors so the discussion and questions can be answered once he has all the flavors finalized.
Stay tuned folks! This is gonna be awesome!!


Thanks for the info and the testing you guys will be doing. Can’t wait to read the notes :slight_smile:

But to be honest, only exciting flavor to me personally, marshmallow vanilla. If someone could do a comparison with (ooo) marshmallow (vanilla) that would be great and very much appreciated!


I’m so excited for the new flavors too!! I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been so bored with flavors lately. I need some excitement in my stash!!