New Guy Here, Looking for some Recipes

About to start DIY’ing (placed orders for VG, PG, Nic, Flavor Concentrates… been researching heavily and am very excited. After a year and a half off analog and quite a bit of money spent on commercial juices, I am ready to start mixing!).

Don’t know if it helps with suggestions but I’ll post how I vape…
26-28 watts
Single coil/round wire builds – always the same, .53 ohms, an OBS Nano Engine tank. Basic, but it works perfectly for me.
3-5mg nicotine

My current ADV’s are from a fellow member here and they are Vanilla Almond Milk and Banana Pudding but I am looking to start stretching out.

Looking for recommendations for the following recipes.

  1. A very basic one to start with… a PG/VG 30/70, 3-5mg nic with Hangsen RY4 only. Any suggestions on how I could make this? Literally, just the RY4 alone but done in a way that it is quite subtle.

  2. Something with tobacco and vanilla… not sweet, just a really pure vanilla with tobacco underneath – again, just something basic.

  3. I was vaping Charlie Noble “Pistachio RY4” but always found it too strong with the pistachio… I LOVE pistachio though, so are there any recipes for something very similar but with less pistachio?

  4. Some type of nutty/milky/dairy e-liquid recipe… again not sweet but that really just mimics a nice subtle blend of dairy with either almond or peanuts or pistachios.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, and thanks for reading!!


Welcome to ELR @SCutshall. Being a new guy the first thing I would recommend is reading up on some of the user guides here so your navigation and eventual recipe calculations will be easier.

ELR Users Guide
Navigating Flavors Page
Creating Your Personal Flavor Stash

Have fun!


Welcome and congrats on making the switch! The forum has a recipe calculator side where you might find some of your answers on your own.

Maybe you knew this or surmised by following the links Zen gave you. I was lurking here and the calc for a month or two before I realized they were connected. :open_mouth:

Anyway to try and answer a few of your questions, here is the link to flavor notes on RY4 Hangesen

Scroll down to the bar that says “notes” and click it. It’ll open and you can get an idea how people are using it.

At the main calculator page you can enter search terms for vanilla tobacco and get probably hundreds of ideas.

For the Charlie Nobel clone.

You can always use a much lower amount of the pistachio flavor to get it how you like.

Finally, for a creamy nutty mix, this one is the most popular on the whole site.

Again, entering the search terms nutty creamy on the main recipe page will probably get hundreds of results for you to try.

Best of luck! :smiley:


For the pistachio. Take a look and the Wayne walker/diyordie mix. I do enjoy that one. From there just reduced the amount of pistachio…done and done.


Wow, awesome, quick and helpful replies… many thanks!! Off to start reading.


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This is a badass vape!


Having trouble finding this… is this it ?

If so, is it also here somewhere in the database for recipes?






Rawk Star!!

Thank you much!


Drummers helping drummers.



Welcome @SCutshall good to have you here.


Welcome and glad you joined.
This seems to fit all your requirements:


Hey Scott! Good to see you, been a while! Welcome to the slippery slope of DIY Juice Making!!!


Hey man, how’s it goin’??!!