New guy here

My names Chris. 30 years old. Army vet. Live in Pensacola Florida, USA. Quit smoking 2 months ago Friday thanks to vaping.
Looking to start making my own juice. Anyone have a guide to starting out? Website recommendations for ordering supplies?


Welcome @brophmantooth , Chris here is an excellent read to get you started.

Resource page with lots of vendors. I prefer Nicotine River and Bull City Flavors but have used many , if in doubt just ask


Welcome to the party, Chris~ Congrats on quitting the stinkies and THank You for your Service!!



Welcome and glad you joined.
One shot flavors are starting to gain momentum for those interested in mixing their own.
Might want to do a little reading before you attempt DIY, 2 1/2 months might be a little too soon. It’s kind of difficult when you are still trying out new equipment and establishing your taste favorites. You could save some money by mixing one shots (OS). I found one shot mixing to be close to the flavor advertised on the bottle and can provide some adjustment of the strength (percentage) of flavor. OS Mixing also is a good introductory to DIY.
Might like to visit: — Known as “Gremlin DIY” = one shot?


As @BoyHowdy said have a read of those threads
A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes
This is amazing and helped me out immensely. Things i didnt do and should have from the getgo were buying.
100 10ml dripper bottles
100ml bottles or just larger ones
Jeweller scales
Syringes 25ml and 3ml with blunt tip
Pg and vg in separate bottles 1L of vg 500ml of pg (not premixed altho will still work) nothing worse than running out and you will have alot of testing to do

I am still a newby but these were my mistakes hope that helps.


One of our administrators here in the Facebook group recently published a article on FAQs… Give it try before shelling out big sums of money on your first purchase.

And, watch a few YouTube ‘how to’ videos on the making of receipes by both volume and weight. Be sure to watch more than one, being there’s a lot of misinformation scattered in the search results.


i think this is great advice for anyone wanting to mix their own juice

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Welcome @brophmantooth AKA Chris.
So in-law is up there in the panhandle also. He’s stationed in Albuquerque,NM. Just made Master SG. A couple of months ago. Now about to graduate here shortly, from cross training. Thanks for your service Brother.

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Those are good referrals.
But i would like to also recommend Bull City’s Community recipe packs:

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