New Mixer hoping to get better

I’m brand new to mixing and I’m just finding my feet. From this site I learned you don’t need to be mixing at really hight percentage to get the flavour you want.
I made a Strawberry and cream mix and it was to strong at 15% Strawberry and 4% cream.
I’ll just start again.
What is the best percentage to mix Heisenberg at its the Vapefly version. Its for my son so wanted to match the one he buys



@Av8_Vape, welcome to ELR. First things first, you have some reading to do, but it’ll go fast.

When you asked about a Strawberry, and Cream, this is vague as you didn’t mention which brand or actual flavor, as they vary WILDLY from MFG to MFG, and actual flavor to flavor. A smart rule is to Start LOW, and work your way UP, as you can always add more. Check these out…


sorry for not giving enough info
I have done tons of research using this site and decided to go ahead with a mix.
This is what I put together
*** Strawberry Milkshake 70vg/30pg ***
Strawberry (Ripe) - Flavor Apprentice 5%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Capella 3%
Vanilla Whipped Cream - Capella 1%

Once finished I gave it a taste and WOW. Really great flavour. Ill let it settle for a few weeks before deciding if it needs tuning.

The surprising thing is, I did a mix yesterday with higher percentage and the flavour was not as good as this one.

This site is so good and great for a starter like me.


That’s actually a GREAT lesson to learn early (took me a while LOL). Sometimes less is more.


Strawberry ripe tfa is great as shake and vape, but start to fade after 2 weeks. You could support it with lemon or other strawberries.


As Delltrapp mentioned the strawberry will fade. Without another strawberry to back it up vape it now. The creams will take awhile to steep but at least you will still have the strawberry taste in your mix. Next time add a sweet strawberry then let it steep 2 weeks.


I ordered a capela sweet strawberry today but still waiting before completing the order as I’m looking for a nice Double RY4 as my second vape.

Not looking to go mad, just make my own 2 flavours I like and be able to make small changes if needed .


You will find many flavors that have a tendency to fade or get better when other flavors are added to boost them. Lemon is another flavor that fades.
Welcome to the rabbit hole.


Welcome to our community. Sounds like you are making a great start. I’m relatively new (just started DIY in December, but have been a smoke free vaper for 7 1/2 years) and mainly a menthol tobacco vaper. However, I am starting to expand my flavor palette and mixed some TPA Strawberry Ripe at 4.50% for a single flavor test and it tastes darned good. I am going to bring it up to 5% for the next batch and am thinking about trying a couple of batches with a couple of different creams.

Thanks for joining us !!


Thanks to you and @rcleven for the advice because I am doing the same thing as Av8_vape. Just mixed the strawberry last weekend and am tasting it this weekend, and it does taste quite nice. It is good to know it will lose some of its punch and I may have to add something to the mix.


Welcome to the forum @Av8_Vape

I’m muth: Old Mixer Hoping to Get Better :rofl:


Hi @muth, I’m an even OLDER mixer, STILL hoping to get better !!!


We’re going to have to start adding our age if this keeps up :laughing::laughing::laughing: