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New Rta for my birthday


Hey everyone. Today’s my birthday and I have been online for quite a few hours trying to find a second rta. I’m using the keas soloman v1 ATM. The v3 of that RTA isn’t out yet.

I really enjoy using that RTA and I’m almost out of coil heads for my normal tanks and wanted to find another RTA that is easy to build with like the Solomon.

I like doul coils

Any recommendations would be great thanks.


Happy bday , mine is was the 10th … As far as RTAs I dont use them except the cleito


Steam crave supreme v2
Qp fatality
Both awesome tanks and easy to build!



How about gear rta, or asmodus zesthia?

By the way, happy birthday !


Awe I love cats


Gear Rta
Aromamizer Supreme




Happy birthday! :grin:

@fidalgo_vapes!!! We share a birthday!



I knew there was something about you … Wanna hear something bad ??? @Cutlass92 said happy bday to me on OUR bday !!! Hmmmm and forgot who’s ??? Whats really going on … Sorry cutlass to throw you under bus … Lol who’s older me or you ??? 1977


That doesn’t even surprise me… That’s classic @Cutlass92. Not the first bus here’s been hurt by this week. :joy: And you’re older, and the same age as @Cutlass92.


I am just a baby compared to @fidalgo_vapes! He’s got 5 months on me!


A very happy birthday to you @Vaporraven!!! :cake:


Well, there you go, a very happy birthday to you :tada:



I ordered the Zeus dual RTA and a kylin RTA for 35 from sourcemore. I liked the fatality but I can’t afford 110 bucks for a tank.

I vape a lot so the 2 ml gear wouldn’t work for me I would have to refill it too much


Congrats… Happy Birthday

invisible cat photo here < :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can get a good clone a gearbest.


the fatality?


We got ours on eBay, but these are the same ones.


Happy Birfday @Vaporraven!! Hope you have a great day…or week even! :sunglasses: