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New strawberry from FlavourArt


Not sure if it is still active…


And I thought it was just me.


Sorry for the unearthing of the dead, but I can’t quite find results of the experimentations with the Juicy Strawberry.

Any of the original posters tried their mixes yet ?


Without having tested in SF, I would say smells better than he knows … However, I find it complements a good strawberry recipe.
This is one of the recipes I use, and I really enjoy its function.


From what I read, I think I expected a little too much from it… I’m not the biggest fan of either of FA’s strawberries. I’m always getting a strawberry flavor that isn’t completely ripe, which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I like a bold, juicy, sweet and slightly overripe (nearly candy- or jam-like) strawberry flavor.

That being said, I tested it in a period where I vaped a lot of strawberry mixes. I’m taking an SB break of a couple weeks and I’ll have to revisit it then together with Shisha Strawberry from INW.


I’ll be honest. But have not found juicy strawberry to be impressive at all. Sure. Some love it. But in basic tests I found kinda hohum.

I found it so basic compared to the hype that I thought the vendor sent me a bad rebottle. Bought a 10ml from another vendor with almost identical results.

So I will stick with shisha sb inw, redtouch fa and ripe tpa. Juicy with stay in the corner of over hyped flavors for me.


Thanks people!

Would like to work on SB some more and not sure which one I should try next.

The combination I used in

did not work so well on the strawberry side but might have been put off by the cactus.


How much SB have you been vaping recently? SB is one of the flavors that you can stop tasting pretty fast, and with so many SB recipes around, it’s not that difficult to do.
I recently got to a point where I had trouble tasting even a hint of SB. It’ll come back but it needs some time.


Not so much actually, been unable to mix for a month or so due to other commitments. So all the strawberry I had was 10ml of the recipe I shared and two puffs of awful solubarome milky strawberry atrocity.

I have not tried SC RF I have in my stash yet.


I’m new to DIY but yes I agree concerning the JS from Flavor Art. I just got both their strawbs in a big first flavour order and I’m looking forward to trying it. I was thinking of mixing with both.


Yep their the same…:grinning:


You’re replied to a question that was answered 8 months ago. :sunglasses:


Aaaaaah ok…I’ve been browsing a lot researching different specific subjects as i’ve just started mixing…didn’t notice. No harm done :slight_smile: