New To DIY Juice.. Need help

So I bought a bunch of supplies for making my own juice. But again I have never done anything like this. The flavors I purchased areRipe Strawberry (TFA), Watermelon Flavor (TFA), Blue Raspberry Flavor West, Raspberry Sweet (TFA), Sour by signature (TFA) and watermelon candy (TFA). I like fruity sour flavors. I just really need help finding good combos for these flavors and knowing good percentages to use per flavor.



If you enter your flavours into your flavour stash over on the recipe side, you can then click “what can I make”, which will bring up any recipes already existing with those flavours.

Also, over on the recipe side you can search for flavours in the flavour list - this should give you an idea of %'s people have used along with flavour notes (if there are any).

Have fun! :grin:


Usually I tell people to check the recipes first, go after the fruity flavor profile you like and order the flavors from recipes you’d like to try.

I started off buying flavors I though I’d like and ended up not being able to make a lot of recipes. So soon I found myself ordering more and more and more flavors :smiley:

Quite a few flavors are good on their own, and quite a few work better with other flavors combined.

Like Lolly said, add your flavors to your flavor stash and you can either click on “What Can I Make?” or “Search by flavor stash”. Don’t be surprised if it’s not that much that you can make. Lots of people add a little sweetener, a cream or a cookie with their fruits.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough. Too many people stick to one manufacturer. Every manufacturer has a range of fruits and drinks and creams etc. Every manufacturer has good and bad flavors. It’s worth your while to do some flavor research and read through the notes that others make. You can find notes here in the forum, on the flavor links on ELR but also on other websites like reddit. CAP, FA, RF, LA, etc, etc… so many manufacturers and so many differences between all their flavors, even though the label would give the impression they’re the same.
Most flavors taste very different, but there are also differences of PG or VG flavors, the strength of the concentrate.

CAP, TPA, FW and others can generally speaking, be used around 5% as a single flavor. Other vendors like FA and RF make stronger concentrates so you can start with 1% or 2%.
Then there are also the super strong flavors for every brand where a single drop for 30ml makes a huge difference. Again, read up on flavor notes. They usually give an indication of how much is used in single flavor mixes (SF) or mixed in recipes. These are indications, different people like different strengths.
So when you start mixing, start with a 10 or 15ml tester and see how you like it. Then adjust to taste and add your nic if you use any.


Ok, I don’t mean to sound like an ass or anything, nor am I trying to imply that you are lacking in intelligence. I’m just making sure you have everything you need to get started. You said you purchased several flavors, did you also lay in a supply of VG and or PG, and Nicotine if necessary?
I’m just making sure that you aren’t planning on vaping pure flavorings.


Some light reading…


Oh my. Now what happens? @Datonster you can try making 10 ML of each of those flavors by themselves too - just to start out… You might be one of those folks that likes a single flavor, with VG of course lol.

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I’m using VG and PG guys… dont worry. But thanks for all of the tips!

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