Newbie: how to get started with strongly flavoured juices

That reminds me I really have to try that blueberry wild, dulce de leche and restock on blueberry extra and strawberry :smiley:


Blueberry Extra is the inside of the blueberry, and Wild is the outside. Best way to describe it.
I always forget which is which, so i hope i got that right and it’s not the other way around.
Together the best blueberry imo.
Dulce de Leche is also very good!

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But it might not even be the juice that is the problem here.
Your vape gear is getting outdated.
Which mod or vape pen are you using?

The real problem is anyone is gonna have a hard time tasting juice when it is 12mg/ml.
Have you ever tried higher watts and more airflow?
Higher watts and lower Ohms usually result in much more flavor.
You might prefer to vape mouth to lung, but that typically requires higher nic level and more flavoring.
Pretty much all juice made today is made with subOhm in mind.
If you really just hate straight lung inhale and want mouth to lung you will have to tweak your recipes to that.
I highly recommend you to try and make a 5ml batch with 6mg/ml and see if you can taste it then!

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I use a Berserker/Revenger and a Siren 2/Evic Primo SE daily. I’m fairly competent with coil building and have settled on 28ga Kanthal /1.4ish ohms at around 12 watts. I really enjoy this vape and rather than change my vaping style I figured I’d change my juices, which is what led me here.

I mixed on Sunday and it was a lot of fun :grin: I did try one recipe as a SnV just out of curiosity but felt that leaving them to steep would be a sensible thing. Unfortunately I won’t be able to test them out until this weekend but I will come back and let you know the result.

Thanks for the list. My first order contained several on there, and I made another shortlist of recipes and placed a new order for more flavours. This time around I’ve also picked up some Cap and FA.



MTL vaping is still a thing so it’s not neccesary to change.
I still would highly recommend 6mg/ml instead 12mg. Unless you also really like the throathit that comes with 12.
The cleanest tasting E-liquid is 0mg, the more nicotine you put in, the more pepper flavor you are going to get. That spicy pepper note you get at high nicotine levels really kills the flavor of juice. So you have to compromise at 6mg/ml!
I’m sure you’ll be very glad you picked up FA too. :sunny:

Vape on! :blush:


Alot of people don’t like FA tobaccos but i’m suspecting the same people not to like tobacco in general.

I really liked most FA tobaccos.

FA tobacco i can recommend
Desert Ship
Maxx Blend
(7 Leaves) Haven’t tried it myself but it’s liked generally.

FA tobacco is even more concentrated than they’re other flavorings. Start very, very low!

Camel Cigarette

0.3% Burley FA
0.1% Virginia FA
0.2% Desert Ship FA

The cigarette with a camel on, if it’s too weak increase the flavor percentage.
Add 1-2 drops menthol per 10ml for Menthol Camels!

Well, you certainly give us your preference but that doesn’t mean this is true for everybody. I started at 18mg, then 12, then 6 and now I’m on 3mg but I never had any of the pepper taste that you are talking about (unless you talk about TPA’s VBIC). I just dropped because of changes in my equipment and I was tired of the nic highs. A lot of people who do MTL are on 9-18mg to get their usual nicotine intake. They may very well only use 3mg or 6mg on a sub-ohm device to get their comparable nic intake.
If you have good quality nicotine, it doesn’t taste of pepper. If it does, it’s likely something’s off with it. Always store it in a cool and dry place and avoid condensation and cross contamination if you keep it in a fridge.

The guy in my vape shop never smoked but started vaping for the flavors. He started with 0mg and now mixes with 1.5 to 3mg because he says it improves the flavor.
Everybody’s different and you can only really know by trying and see what’s right for you.

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