Newbie question about flavorings, To cut or not to cut

I guess where this is coming from is that when I look at Capella’s site compared to a e-liquid vendors site for the same ingredient is a much different price higher then from an e-juice company and I was wondering if that was already cut down

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No resellers/distrubutors to my knowledge do not water down flavors, and capella flavors wont need diluting. Pricing varies from place to place. Nicotine River has always been on point with great service, not to mention active here on ELR, which makes handling any oddball issue a snap. They simply buy from manufacturer in bulk and repackage it to various size bottles of their own, much like wizardlabs and some others do. As for price-point, i do not know the answer as to why it varies so much between the different suppliers exactly…

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I’ve been reading for weeks my brain is on overload. I’ve read this over and over and all links I was just thinking I have seen where sometimes they need to be cut. actually I think it was Wayne Walker talking about this but advised newbies avoid for now. Just nature of the beast (DIY) and my luck that I’ll get those in my search for the best deal. Lol

It comes down to the brand, not the flavor title.
For example, the difference in usage between dragonfruit from TFA and Inawera(much stronger than tfa), you can refer to the flavor list search here on ELR and read up on usage % and user notes to learn more about each flavor.

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I meant no disrespect bud. I just thought it was funny to turn to refer a mixing question from a mixing site to another, like guy working at ch.10 news and flicks on ch.3 news to catch the weather


I’ve been doing that. ( flavor notes) I sure wouldn’t be considering DIY without this group. :slight_smile: I already have an order in waiting with Nicotine River 1 litter 100mg also pg & vg just waiting and surfing for flavors. Will have to look further into them for flavors. guess when one calls it concentrate and others call it flavor it set of my radar. thanks for the info

none taken… I’m just getting info everywhere and kinda on over load. just making sure before finalizing my last order(flavors) . Dang I stepped off in the rabbit hole with both feet and looking for a roots to grab onto. Literally :smile:

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to avoid something so simple as a flavor dilution!

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wasn’t going to avoid it just don’t understand it. He didn’t really elaborate on the subject and that caused the confusion. basically I was wondering if I order directly from a manufacture who is not an e liquid flavor provider if I need to dilute before I begin the mixing process

Hmmmmm. Let me try to give this a go in a list…

There shouldn’t be any difference ordering a flavor direct from Capella vs bcf for example. There are some that are concerned about flavor dilution/being off from companies who fail to properly shake up their 50 gallon drum of flavoring prior to breaking it down to 30ml bottles to sell to us. (Personally I haven’t run into an issue but some have and they order direct for that reason).

As for diluting prior to mixing there are some flavors that are extremely hard to work with where people will dilute with pg/vg to make it easier. The is a popular cinnamon people do this with(cannot remember which) and then there is blackberry fa. Blackberry fa, for a 30ml bottle of finished liquid, a single drop is often toooo much - and would benefit from making a dilution or blackberry fa flavoring to pg. then when mixing the mixer may only use 1% which really only equals 0.001% of flavoring.

This extreme flavoring issue is rare but they are out there. Also based on flavor sensitivity, like me with mint or cinnamons, it is beneficial to make a dilution. I sadly taste mint and cinnamons from a mile away and every mix with them is hard for me to vape since that flavor always pushes through.


If you’re talking about the fact that flavors all say “Dilute before using” or something to that effect, they just mean don’t vape straight flavoring.

As Chrispdx said above, there are some rare flavors (I’m lookin at you Flavorah Lime and Rich Cinnamon) that are super potent and only need a drop or so in 15mls. In that case, it might be useful, especially for a new mixer, to dilute the flavor to make it more forgiving.


yea I was thinking that when it was saying flavor and concentrate there was a difference but now I’m thinking more along the lines of ss concentrated . or real low % needing some dilution. thanks for all the help.

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Thank you everyone for the help. I didn’t want to go over board on flavor and I’m a getting better understanding of flavor % Thanks again and hope to be able to add to the group in the future.


I bet if you provide a link to the flavor you are thinking about diluting, or the manufacturer and flavor name, someone here could tell you if it is something that can be used to mix e-liquid straight from the bottle or if it is in fact something that would need some special preparation or dilution before use.


Questions are always welcome. Welcome again to the group. It looks like you are on your way with over 400 post read. Just keep reading and researching and you will be a pro in no time (well…some time lol ).


thanks for the words of encouragement :slight_smile: Fingers crossed. I have picked 3 I’m going to try first and also making a run at my first take on a mango fruit cream . I’m just trying to get my first flavor order ready , bottles on the way !

The suspense is killing me, what brand are the flavors you are considering?
Can you find them in the first couple hundred pages on this list?
Have you seen this thread?

Yea most of my flavors are on that link .:grin: At least 40 of them are on there. I have been reading flavor notes where available and making my choices based off of those and money available. Yet no I hadn’t seen the second link. so the first thing I did was print it out in fear I would lose it for ever. Lol :grin: I will now have to go check out the flavor page more thoroughly. Thank you , You probably saved me errors on my order I’ll go check those next. Thank you for the links.
On a side note, If you have any special flavors out there in the cosmos you could share, Let me know I could use all the help I can get. Second just went looking for the second link and cant find it could you briefly explain how to find it ?

do a search on this forum for
Recommended Flavors and Research List
it will bring up the fascinating read by one of the master mixers here named @Pro_Vapes

some other great reads for you are (the aforementioned):


You can start slow, just look at buying the flavors for 1 or 2 popular recipes, then invest slowly to build your flavor collection :slight_smile: that way you’re not spending 100’s to save 10’s of dollars .

To late. Lol It was only 70 just to get my feet wet. I’m going to try mama melon v2 / mega melon mix also a strawberry cheesecake and apple sourz and a mango of mine with orange banana cream marshmallow pineapple and a couple others. that one ought to keep me busy with low and high nic variances everything should be here soon just in time for my diy mag mixer. to be finished. oh yea I also ordered rice pudding that one should be fun to play with. If you want to look I will open my stash
I went cheap on a couple to see the difference myself any way don’t want to talk your ear off. let me knw what you think if you look. thanks again for the help . crap I forgot to order rice. oh well guess next round

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