Nic Salts + Freebase Update

A while back I asked if anyone had tried mixing freebase nic and nic salts. I used 100 mg/ml nic plus 110 mg/ml PurNic Salt (smooth) both from Heartlandvapes. My formula had 4 mg/ml nic plus 8 mg/ml nic salts for a total of 12 mg/ml. I’m using a .21 ohm coil at 70 watts and it’s a nice smooth vape.


I’m using a 50/50 mix of nic salts and freebase to get a better throat hit with my pod systems. Found that even with a 50mg nic salt mix I wasn’t getting the throat hit I wanted and doing the 50/50 mix solved that.


Interesting idea, and points @Jim_Disbrow, @Wings4Life. Ironically having both in my freezer, have not tried mixing. Best of both worlds ??

I have blended nic salt e-liquid with base e-liquid at a ratio of 1:2, i found to smooth out the base into a more enjoyable liquid. What I’m missing is actually testing the PH of the liquids and the resulting blend. Have you tested the PH of your blend? I think the main difference between the types of liquid is the PH one is acidic and the other basic (?).
I do think there is something to this, it may even affect the coil longevity.


I’ve never pH tested any of my mixes, but that’s an interesting point. @CosmicTruth what are you thinking, the Salts are acidic and Freebase base ?

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We need @woftam 's test kit, they are kinda expensive but check out …

Freebase is high and salts is low, so I think the 2 could be mixed to make a neutral e-liquid?

Mixing acids and bases can cancel out or neutralize their extreme effects. A substance that is neither acidic nor basic is neutral. The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral.

woftam 's test indicates Freebase looks to be near 8.4 ph and salt looks to be about 6.0 PH, of course each mixed e-liquid would be different based on the PH of the flavors used, after mixing though if blended correctly a 7.0 neutral PH liquid could be made.

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I’ve come across a few threads about converting freebase nicotine to nicotine salt. Apparently adding benzoic acid or citric acid to freebase will decrease the PH to where it essentially becomes a nicotine salt base (thus providing a smoother throat hit). I don’t think I came across a definitive process or formula though (I’m sure it’s out there in one thread or another though).

Obviously combining freebase to nic salt will change the PH of the final product, so for me, it’s about finding the right balance with the throat hit. I just find it easier to try to mix the two rather than messing with mixing benzoic or citric acid. The nic salt I’m using is from NR and I purchased that before you buy either the smooth or hit versions but I’m assuming it’s probably closer to the smooth version.


I think the extraction process is what leaves it in an acidic or basic PH, so just adding PH balancers would tend to dilute your nicotine. And you wont end up with true salt nicotine, just enhanced freebase.

I guess in my tests I’m doing the same as you wings, but I’m doing it by mixing finished e-liquid. I’m not too good at math anymore so i’m probably messing up the 1 part salts to 2 parts freebase, but i am getting a nice finished product.

I’m wondering what the PH is of your mix? But i’m wondering what the PH of my mix is too. :laughing: Maybe pretty close


Well, it seems “compounds” are added to create salts, so I think @wings4life may be on the right track.