Nic salts + Freebase

Freebase nic is said to have a longer lasting effect while salts give you a quick rush that’s shorter lived. Has anyone tried combining the two in a formula?

I have but not in a controlled experiment yet, I believe the PH of the e-liquid is the main factor but I don’t have a PH test kit yet. I have been just adding a little salt with a little regular and it does seem to smooth out the regular nic. I was doing it more because I’m not use to the taste of the salt, im used to the regular and like it more.


I don’t notice the throat hit from freebase nic until 6 mg/ml, so I’m thinking 4 mg/ml of freebase nic and starting at 2 mg/ml of nic salts. I think starting low is the best bet, just like with flavorings.

Cool, I am glad you started this thread. I have been extremely curios about the difference between the two.

When I watch a reviewer hitting a nicsalt juice they are like " wow what a throat hit "

When I read about it here, from people in the “know” they say it is smoother, with less of a throat hit. Of course I am more prone to listen to someone from ELR, but I still don’t know.

Could someone PLEASE explain to me which one has more of a throat hit. I use 12mg of freebase (regular?) in my MTL devices.

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Salt has a smooth throat hit, regular has a harsh throat hit.
Salt seems to carry the flavors less so it seems I need to add more flavor into salt mixes. I think it has to do with steeping, salt mixes do not seem to oxidize at all.
It all seems to be tied to the PH of the liquid, I wonder also about the coil longevity and PH of the liquid.

I have not tested a mix but i did test the actual nic.

I don’t find this myself - I find that throat hit detracts from my enjoyment of a flavour (i do realize that many like the TH I am not in that number).

I would imagine that if enough was added to a mix then there would be some TH but in no way would it compare to the same MG level if you used Freebase.

There are different levels of TH you can get in relation to nic salts the more alkaline mix is the more TH you will get. I am fairly confident that this is how NN change the level of TH in their various nic salt mixes. As the OP mentioned the TH can be manipulated by adding freebase (alkaline) to nic salt (acidic) - I do this for one of my customers who vapes 16mg but likes a little TH (i do 10mg Salts and 6 mg freebase for her)


Thanks for the link Bro. I can’t believe I missed that. I should have done a search.

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