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Nicotine River Concentrates - Tasting Notes

Wow, that helped a LOT. Thanks so much… the Bliss and the Vanilla Milk Shake were both on my ‘eh, could be interesting’ list… I’ve got em both on my grab asap list now, though they’re out of the Vanilla MilkShake right now. I’ll pick em up as soon as i can though.


The one week update notes are now up there! Some of the flavors faded quite a bit. Some changed a bit. For the most part, they all stayed fairly the same as off the shake.


Don’t write off the faders just yet, many come back after another week or two. I test everything up to 8-12 weeks.


@Frostyjayjay Re: Bliss, Yeah, there’s fruit in there! I’m not 100% sure, but to me tastes like… cactus and honeydew? Cactus and some sorta melon, anyway… I think its Honeydew because there’s a flavor underflavor that reminds me of a Honedewey Bubble - Tea recipe that I got the flavors for and found flat out unvapable because it was way too strong.

However, Bliss is DIVINE… Totally a stand alone flavor. A bit too ‘zingy’ with the fruit right after mix (I mixed at 3%, which is the top of the spectrum) but after 3 days and a number of hot baths… Woah. Totally creamy, marshmallowey (and you’re right, its almost that fluffy, firm marshmallow that’s rolled in powered sugar, flavor?). The juicy zingy melony flavor has blended a bit and mellowed out, and its just lovely. I haven’t gotten the toasty notes yet, though.

As a totally random aside, I’ve not played with any recipes with Bliss, yet, but randomly mixed 50% of a Bliss single flavor juice at 3% concentrate in a squonk bottle with 50% steeped Kreed’s Custard. That is freaking amazing, and definitely bears some more experimentation.

Since they were out of Nic River Vanilla Milkshake, I also grabbed Nic River Sugar Crunch to play with. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


Is this where all the Nicotine River flavor reviews should go or is there a thread dedicated to it? Don’t want to impose on @Frostyjayjay fine review.


I’ve been wrestling with this myself.
Typically our notes threads are found using “tasting notes”, and review threads were kind of given “the respect” of being a one-off thread based around the OP’s post and opinions.

The closest I was able to find for Nicotine River was NicotineRivers new line of flavors but it never gained traction (IMO due to the uncertainty at the time as to whether or not they were going to go with Purilum or Nicotine_River as the brand…)

Given they seem to have opted to keep both… And we already have a Purilum Tasting Notes thread… My vote would be to re-title this thread to “Nicotine River Tasting Notes”.

This would preserve the ease of finding such threads by continuing to use “tasting notes” as the key phrase. JMHO


Yeah, that was my thinking too but up to the OP. Seemed odd to make a new thread with that title when this one already has some relevant info.


Could just add tasing notes to the end of title

Nicotine River Flavor Review and Tasting Notes…


Vanilla Bean ice cream is what I get too but not TFA style, more of what you would get with say a Breyers ice cream. Mine has been steeping for 16 days at 3% solo, no nic. Not a rich vanilla, more sharp than TFA which has a creamier character. No pepper notes for me though which is a plus.

It reminds me more of a soft serve ice cream shake than one that uses scoops of ice cream blended with milk. Not a shake I would personally order when Häagen-Dazs still exists.

At 3% it is good vaping on a Vapefly Pixie RDA, I could see some people using this as a one shot. It is not creamy enough for me and needs a touch of sweetener or maybe marshmallow for a little more mouthfeel.

The sharpness of the vanilla turns me off a little, I like a creamier vanilla. Maybe 0.50% FLV Cream would help this, FLV Milk & Honey at a low percentage might help to soften the vanilla top note. I can definitely see possibilities with this one but it would probably take 2 or 3 other flavors to get it where I would like it.

Not a replacement for LB Vanilla Ice Cream but for those new to DIY I think it is a worthy addition, not a bad flavor at all. I doubt I will buy it again though unless I come up with a killer recipe for it. There are other Vanilla flavors I like more but others may like what this brings better.


7/10 a little better than average but more of a soft serve shake than a handmade higher quality shake.


Cookie Snaps

Not much aroma out of the bottle with this flavor, smells like a cookie and a little like cake. I do enjoy the smell of it but it is so subtle, CAP Sugar Cookie smells 2 to 3 times stronger.

Mixed single flavor at 3% with no nic and as a SnV incredibly weak, next day no improvement so upped it to 4%. Let it sit for 3 weeks and still, not much flavor at all. Upped it to 6% and a little better but not much, vapes like it smells, very weak.

Maybe it needs to go a lot higher but not worth pursuing anymore for me. There are better cookies out there I already have and this brings nothing new to the table. Of all the “New” Nicotine River flavors I got this is the weakest of the bunch by a long shot. It is so weak I wonder if I got a bad batch, all the other NR flavors have been a LOT stronger at only 2 to 3%.


Caramel popcorn

3% single flavor no nic steeped for 1 month. Great aroma right from the bottle, definitely smelling the popcorn but not much caramel. Smells delicious though, was excited to try this out. The flavor from a Pulse V2 in single coil mode was pretty good, definitely one of my favorites from NR new flavors. More of a Movie Theater Butter Popcorn than caramel which is very light, if I didn’t know then I would have never guessed caramel popcorn.

It is one of those flavors that when I took my first hit I said…Hey now, that was good. Needs help in the caramel side but I think this will make an excellent base. Not too sweet either but could use a dash of sweetener to brighten it up a bit, if not it is a little flat.

Overall this is a winner for Popcorn fans, one of the better ones I tried along with FLV Popcorn for a more straight up popcorn flavor. Would be 5 stars if the caramel was better balanced but that can be remedied using your favorite caramel.


Sugar Crunch

This is an interesting flavor, mixed at 3%, no nic and steeped for 1 month. Tested in a single coil RDA in TC. Not intended to be a single flavor, as NR describes it is “Mainly used as a dessert base for cakes, pies, and more! This flavor adds “breadiness” to juices and exaggerates the crunchy aspect of a dessert! Like a churro, minus the cinnamon”

The aroma from the bottle smells like white sugar with light bakery notes. The vape is sort of similar, reminds me a little of the cake that is cooked a little more at the bottom of the baking pan that you scoop up and eat. Not as sweet as you might expect given that one of the descriptions of the smell was white sugar, does have a slight sweetness to it but not overbearing at all. When I was first vaping it I was struggling to find a way to describe it but when I went back and read NR’s description “Like a churro, minus the cinnamon” and OK, I can see that although I don’t think I have ever had a Churro without Cinnamon, that is just crazy talk…haha.

This might be a good alternative for those who cannot stand AP, not as effective but can add that note in a different way and not as strong.

I thought 3 stars was too low but 4 stars a little high as it is just an additive. I do see trying to use it in future recipes, great might be strong but it is definitely good, time will tell how much it gets used though. For something that is meant to be an additive, I wound up vaping about 8ml of my 15ml sample bottle just trying to figure out how to describe it. I actually didn’t mind vaping it but wouldn’t be a single flavor anytime soon, definitely a flavor that intrigues me though. I am going to try a simple cake, 1 with sugar crunch in it at maybe 1.5% and the other without to see what it adds to the mix.

Salted Caramel

Well luckily I like Caramel Popcorn so much as I might have gotten a second bottle of that marked Salted Caramel. When I first dripped it I thought damn, gonna have to rewick as I accidently dripped caramel popcorn but nope, I got the right bottle. Then I smelled each of the flavor bottle separately and so close, not till I tasted a drop of each from sample bottles off my knuckle was I able to detect a difference but it was close. The Caramel Popcorn does have a more significant popcorn taste to it but I think it is the salt in there that makes them vape so similar.

I thought about informing NR about this but what the heck, it was about $1 anyway with the sale and it is hard for me to believe anyone can beat VTA Salted Caramel anyway so why bother.

Not gonna rate it as there must have been a mistake or cross contamination. If anyone else gets both I would love to hear your thoughts.


VTA salted caramel that good?


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away from the thread for a bit. I have the week two and week three update notes, and with week 4 coming in just a few days I’ll just post it all at once!

The faders definitely came back at the two week mark which was good! I currently have some mixed up some bottles with nic in them of I believe 6 of the flavors I posted. I wanted to wait until after that 4 week mark to do so, but I really enjoy these fruit flavors solo. I have played around with a couple recipes as well. I can post more notes about that later.

And yes, anyone feel free to add more flavors to the lost if you have them! I think this could be a great resource for anyone curious on nicotine rivers flavors.

This is more of a “flavors notes” type thread, but I did throw personal opinion in there as well. To me, a review and notes pretty much go hand in hand. If you mix a flavor and find the flavor notes present enjoyable, when you post that, your notes on that profile become your positive review. Same goes with any negative or off notes.

Thanks for all the feedback and responses guys! I hope to see more flavors added, lets keep this going!


It is pretty accurate but I will usually mix in another caramel with it, if I mix it too high on its own it can get weird. I only have this NR and FW SC to compare but VTA really gets the salty aspect down. You smell it more than taste it when vaping, at least how I use it but it adds a nice but subtle salt note. I really do enjoy it but if you’re looking for straight up salted caramel single flavor then it leans more towards the salt than caramel, could be better balanced.


Already added to the bcf wishlist. Thanks


I was just checking my juice calc and I use VTA salted caramel in about 8 recipes with an average of 0.73%. I never use it above 1%, it gets weird for me, a lot of times around 0.50% in conjunction with say WF Caramel Butter which will be the main caramel note. I have never used VTA SC alone but like how it can change the character of another caramel and I have never been able to use FW SC, there is something about that flavor that doesn’t agree with my taste buds.


FW SC does well for me with heavy cream like Hangsen or Purilum NY cheesecake. Makes a nice caramel gelato as well. I keep it at 2-3%. Love WF caramel butter, adding a salt note will be a treat. Thinking a pear or plum will be nice with the VT and WF pairing.


Maybe I should revisit FW SC, I seem to remember it adding a throat hit and would irritate me when vaping it. Might have to order a new bottle, maybe mine was bad to begin with.

That combo with a pear sounds delicious, might have to revisit that. I don’t think I have any plums, any you would recommend?


I like NV plum quite a bit, FA is nice with it. FA is good but fades; wanting to try MF plum. I think it was Sessions Drummer that was saying how good it was.

I tried the FW SC at the higher recommended percentage and it was just off at 5% for me even with a cream. Fine going lower but I don’t get the salt at any %. Thinking a VT toffee ic with the VT SC and waffle cone would be nice to to take a fruit break.