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Nicotine River - Updates & more!


Hello! Regarding your questions,

PurNic is the closest alternative by review to NicSelect in your case of being comfortable with that Nicotine brand. We no longer offer the NicSelect product for a variety of reasons and as you’ll see many vendors/competitors had to follow our footsteps as well with no longer offering that specific brand. Chemnovatic derives from Poland and is a great Nicotine product that provides consistent quality however, it’s higher priced. We keep the Chemnovatic product available for those customers that prefer this brand.

As for the 24mg, we unfortunately will no longer be carrying the product due to low sales and inventory space which will be used for new, upcoming products we have for the industry. We plan on keeping: 48mg, 100mg, and 250mg permanently available on our site. When diluting you are correct, it would ultimately introduce the Nicotine to oxygen however, if you keep the product in a freezer capped it should last nearly as long as if it wasn’t introduced to oxygen. I know this may make things more difficult on your end and we do apologize however, with the new inventory space available we have a lot in store for the industry! :slight_smile:


I like this much better than Nic Select, @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit. I’m using the 100mg PurNic VG in NicSheild 250ml bottles, and after a couple of months have found it to be far less harsh than the 36mg NS I used before.


NicSheild is probably not the way to go if you want to dilute! I can only report that it(PurNic brand) seems to be higher quality :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response @Nicotine_River

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Thanks for the fast reply. :+1: I was already shaking the living hell out of the nic before decanting it into 30 ml bottles for freezing so I guess it won’t be terribly much more oxygen exposure if I’m shaking, diluting, shaking like hell and then moving into the 30 ml bottles. It’s just an extra head ache I was hoping to avoid.

Did you mean because you get the 100 mg? Or is Nic Shield the kind of bottle? I’m a little confused. I don’t see anything listed as Nic Shield on their site.


NicSheild is the style of bottle. It has a special stopper top under the cap. They give you a plastic syringe and you hold the bottle upside-down, stick the tip in and draw the nic solution out. Remove the syringe and it closes up on its own. It keeps all but the tiniest bit of oxygen out.
Currently I believe they only offer 100mg nic in these bottles.
Kind of like this:

I like it for the oxygen factor and ease of use. It would be a pain to have to remove it to pour.


Oh, I see what you mean. That’s a very handy feature but for the way I mix it would only complicate things. Thanks for clarifying though! :smiley:


I separate my nicotine into 60ml glass bottles and freeze them. I just pulled a bottle out of the freezer that’s over 3 years old and it’s as smooth and clear as the day I bought it. It’s nothing fancy, it was just standard 100mg NicSelect. I shake well, separate (with minimal head space), Cap then freeze. Nicotine should last quite a while like this


Absolutely @Gachatay, that’s how you do it !!!


I’m trying to place an order for 100mg/ml it’s 150ml bottle and it wants to charge me $ 15 for shipping what’s up with that? It’s almost double what the nicotine is wtf?

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Hey, I understand. What would be the zip code of the shipping address? You can message me this information directly if you’ d like. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help!!


Of course! :slight_smile:

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Every time I see this thread updated, I get my hopes up thinking it’s a sale…:cry:


Black Friday :wink:


Hahaha, me too :wink:




This can’t come fast enough.
I haven’t ordered from here YET, but after looking around I am going to give them a try.
And what better time to do it on what will HOPEFULLY be a GREAT SALE


Just received this via email. Figured I’d post it since they are probably not hanging out in diy forums right now. Stay safe, NR.

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Hope everything is good, @Nicotine_River.

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