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Nicotine River - Updates & more!


Yep, I received the same email. Stay safe everyone. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your families!


I work 20 miles north of there in Oxnard. The wind is pushing all the smoke our way and it’s getting pretty nasty.

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Wishing the Nicotine River family and California communities safety and anyone directly impacted a speedy recovery in these difficult times


Hello all, we are deeply saddened to hear about what the fires have done within our community and the communities around us. As of today we are grateful to have the ability of saying that our facility is safe and our employees are all well. We’re more than thankful for the firefighters that helped fend off this raging fire!

Our operations have started up again today 11/12/18 however, due to the days missed our operations are getting back up to speed. Hope everyone else in the area is safe!




You may need to enlarge the image since it’s from an original email format!

During this time we will be focusing on bettering our new facility, operations, and product quality so that we can be more reliable and offer the best service possible to our customers. :slight_smile:


Happy Thanksgiving @Nicotine_River


There will definitely be a sale of Black Friday Magnitude in the near future! :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:


Still Waiting, but I am cross eyed and painless, https://youtu.be/gyDb4szpWmc


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all


@Nicotine_River I used to be customer, but the really high international shipping costs now make it impossible for me to buy from you. Your international shipping charges are around double the price of the vast majority of US vendors. Maybe somebody there needs to renegotiate with USPS?
I’m know that there are many of your ex customers that no longer buy from you due to the high shipping costs, it’s a shame, hopefully you can somehow resolve it.


I know you’re unlikely to be aware, but…

The USPS is basically a Federal entity. There’s no negotiation to be done.

While they’ve addressed this before, it’s down to government rules and regulations (think HUGE FINES).

If items are not shipped according to regulations (which many don’t, or haven’t been caught or targeted yet), then fines can run into the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’re simply trying to comply with regulations in order to preserve their business (instead of being fined into oblivion).

Hope this helps you target your frustration to the appropriate source. :wink:

Sorry for your situation preventing ordering from a respected vendor.


I can’t say that I know anything about how USPS works. However, other vendors have mentioned to me that they negotiate with USPS, surely businesses that send thousands of packages a week get better rates than a business that sends just a few?
Many US vendors (liquidnicotinewholesalers for example) have cheaper international shipping through USPS, first class as opposed to priority seems to make the big difference.
Are these businesses just ignoring the law so blatantly, not hiding anything, clearly displaying shipping costs on their websites, hard for me to believe that most US vendors are breaking the law so blatantly.


Very valid point. And I agree with you. I wish more would offer something other than priority. Especially since the USPS now tracks literally every package (whereas they didn’t used to track first class).

My only point to make on that is:
would Capella and TFA even be bothering with, or going to the expense of, coming up with custom formulas on certain flavors, if transportation compliance (in certain situations) wasn’t a concern??

Capella: Reduced Flashpoint
TFA: NF (less flammable)

Besides which. Have you not seen VW being busted for falsifying data? Nor Nissan?
If huge international players think they can get away with it (which they did for years…) Why wouldn’t small ones try?

Not hard to believe at all IMO.


I guess it’s possible that most vendors are breaking the law, but I don’t think that shipping only allowed products first class is breaking any laws.
I also don’t see any reason that NR can’t offer first class shipping, that would solve the problem and enable international customers to return.
I obviously don’t expect them to ship anything that’s not allowed.


It’s not whether they’re priority, or first class… But whether or not it ever hits a plane (from my understanding).

While first class usually stays on the ground, it’s not always the case. I’ve occasionally had FC packages from California arrive in 2-3 days. So they HAD to have hit a plane at some point.

If a flavor has too much alcohol, or even the base molecular components happen to be flammable (obviously it’s more about the total, overall mix), then it’s supposed to go Ground only. And probably with special stickers, handling, storage practices (Think HAZMAT). :wink:

And special procedures always incur additional cost.


No, it’s not that it goes on a plane, they are willing to ship to me but the only option is priority, they ship internationally all the time, always airmail, so it’s not that, just that there is no first class option.
They will obviously not ship anything HAZMAT by airmail, most flavors don’t come under HAZMAT as far as I’m aware.
If I’m not mistaken, they have of list of HAZMAT flavors, at least they did last time I checked.
I’m fairly sure that all they need to do is add a first class mail option, that usually pretty much halves the shipping costs.

I can’t believe it, I just checked again and there is now a first class option.
I last checked on October 28 2018 and to ship 500ml of nic to me was priced at $44.69 (shipping cost only), today the same 500ml is only $29.38.
Still not cheap, but a lot better than it was.


For me it is FedEx ground only…$28.31 to ship 500ml of 100mg nic. Fuck that. I’m not sure if other vendors are breaking the law or just do something different but I will not pay that shipping charge.


I agree completely with your shipping complaints! I always just buy $50 + and get free shipping.


thats what i do , and unlike NR most companies wont ship nic over 48mg/ml under the free shipping , so ty NR for not excluding the stronger Nic