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For the SC WF - Frank Eblender from WF wrote to me stating:
“We put 2-4% for these however we now feel 1% is a much better starting point”

For their non SC concentrates they are anywhere from “5 - 8%” - from what I was told from a mixer named Shyndo.


Question for ya, on the ELR resource page it says use code PURILUM for 20% off Purilum flavors, however it’s not applying in the cart. Is that still active or am I doing it wrong? I’m about to checkout shortly. Thanks guys, great selection!


Hello! Unfortunately, this code is no longer active but the good news is that we are having a discount for Black Friday all the way through to Cyber Monday that will save you much more money than just the Purilum 20% off!

The sale will be store wide however, we’re unsure of the percentage off yet!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


@daath @JoJo @Ken_O_Where
looks like the resource page needs a tweak :wink:


For at least Vanilla Ruyan Custard, it is plenty flavorful at 1%, for me, I guess I use some flavors low, but even in a blend with two other tobaccos, it blasts through, demanding attention at 0.85%. Crap it’s delicious. Really yummy, tastes like SC Pipe Tobacco, slightly. It’s not an SC flavor, but still quite potent. As for Cashew SC WF, it’s superb at 1%, in fact Frank has helped with one of my latest tobacco mixes as I needed some help percentage wise with Cashew. It’s perfect at the 1% he suggested for this specific recipe. His help was invaluable. I will certainly be getting more WF flavors.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that this weekend thru Monday 11/24-11/27 we will be having a Black Friday Sale on every product!

Discount code: 25OFF

This code will offer you: 25% off our entire store

Starts: Friday 12:00AM PST
Ends: Monday 11:59PM PST

Thank you!


This is the 5th place that I have seen, that describes FA Cereal this way? I just got it a while ago, and I get zero chocolate from it. It reminds me of lucky charms (not the marshmallow) and corn flakes. Twing of oats too. I did a taste test and it was very authentic, although that was a water test and my juice is still steeping.

Anyways, I’m not sure why everyone is calling this a chocolate cereal?

I also saw you guys sell INW Kiwi?? How come I have never seen this anywhere, even on their Polish site?! I had no idea! I’ve been in need of a good Kiwi, has anyone had INW’s? I find zero info on it :frowning:

I may have to place my very first order with you guys on Friday @Nicotine_River


the chocolate description turned me away from this flavor , but after reading other peoples thoughts on this i decided to try it , im happy to hear that the chocolate is not there for you as well this gives me hope …


To be honest the reason of this description is actually because this is the description that was given to us by FlavourArt!

As for the Inawera Kiwi here is a link to the site where you may find some info,

In regards to your first order, we’d love to earn your business! Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


Thank guys, I’ll have to remember to swing over on Friday! I know I need a few refills of some flavors, so I think I’ll give ya a shot! Hear great things, I just haven’t needed anything in years haha. I want to try your nicotine too, but I am still on liter 1 of 2, that I bought like 2 years ago, so… Maybe in 2 years! :wink:

That’s so odd? Hopefully it’s a typo but if it isn’t, they failed miserably at the chocolate side!!
@fidalgo_vapes, I’m glad I saw it after I made my purchase with BCF! I would of never bought it, had I seen the chocolate description. Definitely no choco in this one


I’ll be sure to change the description now!

As for you swinging by please do! We will be busy but it’s always nice to see a friendly face! :slight_smile:


Welcome @DarthVapor you’re going to love @Nicotine_River


Nicotine River, I’ve held back for a month waiting for this sale. Expect a big order as I dive into the deep end of mixing. Already got my cart ready, need to finish up. Right now it’s at $180, maybe not that big but it is to me.


Did you ever get INW Grapefruit? How about TP Vanilla Custard?


So it appears the few things I need, you guys don’t carry :frowning: I’m sure you have been asked, but any plans on getting Liquid Barn? The only flavor worth stocking in their line is the Vanilla Ice Cream :slight_smile:

Also, no FA Whipped Cream? Seems like an odd one not to carry, so maybe I missed it? It’s not a must have flavor, but it is in a few of my personal juices.

I will still order a couple FLVs from you guys, since you’re having a sale that will help!

Thanks guys and/or gals :wink:



I just noticed that my main company doesn’t have this either? Well poop sticks!


I’d also love to see you guys carry this flavor!!! Just placed my order for the one bit of Black Friday shopping I’m doing this year! @Nicotine_River, you should feel so special!! I usually don’t buy ANYTHING on Black Friday!:joy:


TPA Peanut Butter was sold out also :frowning: but I did restock on 10 other flavors…


Inawera Grapefruit will be added to the site shortly :slight_smile:


Haha! We’re glad to hear you’re placing an order! Whatever you need let me know :slight_smile: