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Nicotine River Updates

You’re right. I just reread your original comment. It was a very straight forward experience report and didn’t come off as antagonistic. I’m not sure where it went south. I think we’ve all just been seeing lots of hate on a good company that’s trying to be a better company. They’ve taken lots of hits here recently.


Don’t take it to personally but your profile reads like a resume and sometimes peps are quick to judge based on when you joined and time spent reading. There are so many complaints by people that simply dont understand that there would be a cause for delay. Thats why they jumped on your back about it. That unanswered email is definitely not common but more feasible atm. We all know the anxiety to receive new goodies as soon as u push your cart thru so it definetely blows. The trade off of buying during a sale and a holiday but am awaiting my purchase from the 31st like so many other as well.


No worries, I wasn’t directing that to anyone in particular. It was just the general tone.


Once you settle in and do some reading you will find many newcomers wander in without doing much reading and quickly demanding answers to questions. It gets irritating after a while.


I’ve spent the last twenty minutes looking for personal attacks, but I’m not seeing any. This is a fairly friendly and eager to help bunch of people, so if you feel anything other than welcomed, perhaps you should reconsider the “tone” in which you compose posts in.

As for @River_Supply_Co, they have always fixed any issues/concerns quickly and completely in my personal experience, and I hope that extends to your experience as well! They are a great company to do business with!

As @tartarusspawn suggested, in the time you are waiting for your order, read some threads. There’s tons of interesting and valuable information that lots of great people have very graciously shared with anyone that’s willing to PUT IN THE TIME and read it.

Happy mixing :grin:


There is no doubt that Nic River are a good company, that’s felt here more than most other places because of their constant contact with this community in this and other threads.
Their intention is good, they try hard, but that does not mean that they don’t deserve criticism here and there.
10 days is way too long to wait until an order is shipped, regardless of whether it’s because of a sale. 3 days is too long to wait for a response from customer support.
I have the feeling that Nic River themselves would agree with both of the last 2 sentences.
As an international customer, I can no longer buy from Nic River, because their international shipping charges are double that of the vast majority of US sites.
First class international is half the price of priority and there is no difference in the time it takes. Most of time first class is not an option @ Nic River and the expensive priority mail is the only option.
I know from personal experience that companies the size of Nic River have a USPS rep that they can contact, I also know that companies that ship very large quantities of mail, get better pricing than smaller companies who don’t ship much.
I have asked Nic River to deal with this issue more than once over a long period of time, it still hasn’t been dealt with, so I and many other international customers can no longer buy from them.
I understand that many of you are very happy with Nic River, but also feel that some of you are way too protective of them.
They are not perfect, and good companies like Nic River use the criticism they receive to improve.
So please don’t jump on anyone who mentions some negatives, let Nic River deal with it and hopefully it will work out for both them and their customers.


Nobody’s mentioned the fact that NR packing peanuts are biodegradable, and you can use them to make art! Just moisten them slightly, and they stick together. So next time you’re waiting on an order, grab your packing from the last order and make sculptures while you wait!



It could be that they are not interested in international orders as much since it would bring a shit ton more business. They may be comfy at the size they are right now. No offense to my foreign friends but i like the focus that they give us here.


He was calling me some youtuber’s fan boy. Shouldn’t be too hard to find it was a direct reply.


Yeh it’s obvious that many of “us” like the attention they give “us”, just don’t forget that “us” includes all the non US members too.
If they are not interested in international customers, they should say so, but I do not believe that is the case, it would be very easy for them to not offer international shipping as some US sties do.
It makes no difference to them the final destination of the package they send, once a package is passed on to the shipping agent, or to the shipper directly, they are no longer involved.


I fall into the category of outside the US being an Australian resident. I would have liked to try NR unfortunately the shipping costs for me are too high. Glad to see majority of the US customers are happy with NR, from what i have read they do try to look after their customers, positive feedback from alot of the folk here.


Id love to see them be able to grow into that global market and provide the service they have here but sometimes a company cant do both either.


@rotz I agree w @Plunderdrum

@River_Supply_Co Generously provide good service here by fielding legit questions, when they don’t have to. They already explained adequately and even said they were tossing in some free gifts to orders.

Try to understand sometimes someone will post something that may seem like it’s bashing something or some service, when it just a tease or poking and not expected to be replyed to.

It’s not a call out for a bash-fest… But I know how it is waiting and thinking darn I forgot to order this or that, or if only I read that flavor review before I ordered and get a little anxious waiting, but it happens.


Gallons of anything is going to be high international shipping costs from any vendor.
But ordering 500ml of anything shouldn’t cost $44.69 for shipping!

Exactly the same order 2x 250ml from Liquid Barn is only $23.50.
Both First class USPS, something is not right @ Nic River!

Note that DHL @ Liquid Barn is cheaper than USPS @ Nic River, and it arrives in a few days!


Thank you for the more thoughtful responses. I can understand how a negative first post can make some suspicious. I was using a different juice calculator, but I now use a vape ready nicotine base and I love this site allows me to use that for calculations.


Just for the record, until around a year ago, I ordered internationally from Nic River regularly, it’s only the last year or so that the international shipping has been so expensive.



I got all excited this morning when I opened my mail, I thought my order was on its way to me. :frowning:

Hi christopher,

We’re following up on the order that you placed with nicotineriver.com on December 31, 2018.

Please choose one of the options below…

Yes, I received my order.

Please confirm that you’ve received your order by clicking on the link below:

until I checked nicriver site and saw my order still unfulfilled… oh well maybe it will ship soon but might want to tell the third party survey to hold off the surveys until y’all are caught up…


Yep. I used to live in a small town where they made those out of potato starch.


I’m new at the DIY arena. I placed three (newbie issues) and as bad as I was ready to dive in, I waited. Not for long either.
I totally understand they are swamped with orders and they are very appreciative of your business. I found this out and quick! Not many other companies will give you support like I received either in the vaping industry.
We all get bombarded in life whether it’s a job or at home. They are tackling both to keep us happy. They are not a place with 100 people to rotate shifts, but a good solid small business that is low on pricing, ships out in a timely fashion and makes sure your order is looked over for error and packed like no other.
Just my opinion here but they will get my future business. The quickly sold me on where to buy from! :blush:


Just received my order today. Saw “must go” written on the invoice page. They must have bumped me up the list to get my order out the very next day.

It was not my intention to demand it shipped right away when I asked for an ETA. I just wanted to let everyone know that this was the kind of service provided to me so I want to say thanks to @River_Supply_Co.