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Nicotine testing question

Actually it does seem to me your proud of your illegal activities… but I would have to agree

Nicotine is a poison and an experienced mixer shouldn’t be in a position to knock over large batches of high nicotine in his/her lap.

  1. break down large bottles of nicotine into smaller bottles , while observing proper safety precautions.

  2. immediately close nicotine base when thru using

  3. if you must always sit on you behind when using nic buy smaller bottles .

Now granted accidents can happen, but observing proper safety precautions, can reduce the chances of an accident happening…

My work area in my house(old pic to show a friend how much juice I had mixed up)

Yes I sit on my behind when mixing… but I also don’t use large bottles of 100mg big base… partly because were would I store 1 gallon of nic safely out of my 2yo reach… I usually buy 250ml of 100mg pg nic base from liquid barn. Which comes in 2 bottles.

Then from them I fill this bottle.

I feel I have Less chance of an accidental spill, this way.

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really? what was the strength (in mg/ml) of the nicotine that they spilled? The home (or small commercial operation like a Vape Shop B&M) should only have access (at the mixing location) to a maximum strength of 100 mg/ml that has been mixed down to that ratio by a professional lab at an off site location remote from the ‘mixologists’. Assuming the home/small shop mixer has nothing more than 100mg/ml then the following study might be of interest:

from: http://www.ecita.org.uk/ecita-blog/new-research-nicotine-absorption-through-skin

It took 2 hours for any nicotine to transfer through the skin, and at an average rate of 4.82 (±1.05) µg/cm2/h (micrograms per cubic centimetre of exposed skin, per hour), or in the milligrams we are more accustomed to, 0.00482mg/cm2/h. The area of half of the human palm is considered to be between 90 and 100 cm2 so contamination of this area would give (assuming 100cm2 area) 0.482mg/hour.

My Comment: These are very low absorption rates. Also, as has been pointed out by previous posters, the fact the they were in a position that allowed gravity to flow the material onto and over the laps is very suspect. -As per a previous thread with you on this subject I suggested that you create a bullet point chart (that is posted on site) showing the necessary protective gear and the procedures that anyone handling nic has to follow at the mixing area.(which includes handling the liquid so that you are not at the mercy of gravity!)

Follow on (rant) point: After 35 years handling explosives in a manufacturing environment and supervision of workers, I can tell you that “scare tactics” don’t accomplish the goal of workplace safety. They way it is done is to map out a simple, easy to follow (bullet list?) set of procedures that MUST be followed. - Any one that can’t or won’t follow the rules is removed < :sunglasses: >

For the chemists out there (warning: heavy going, but excellent!)



I see my role as leading folks to water. Drink or dont. Make a checklist if you need one; Im not anyones supervisor and Im not telling anyone what to do. I wouldnt bother.

Dont believe my words at your peril. I have empirical proof that it happens. Anyone working with an open bottle can knock it over or have it knocked over on accident. It has nothing to do with competence.

Also, I dont know about your crotch, but on mine the skin is thinner than on my palm…the same goes for a majority of the rest of my body. My palm is also not very vascular to absorb the nic. Im done slightly derailing. I just want folks to be safe and not influenced by those that frankly dont know wtf they are talking about on this topic.


In all the years i have mixed i have had the same 30ml glass dropper bottle which i keep refilling from the original nicotine bottle.

I have seriously never touched pure 100mg/ml base.


Lmao those words made me think of the old witch trials we used to have in our past.

Dont believe my words at your peril. I have empirical proof that she’s a witch. Look at her clothes they are wet and it’s not rained for days. I saw her cross the river just before the rapids , she did not drown… she floated across the water against the current…

I read a article that claimed that alot of the witch trials worldwide was because of molden rye bread.
Don’t know how true it actually is but it was a pretty good story.
Rye bread, apparently when it get’s old it forms molds that are super hallucinogenic.
So basically everyone went insane eating molden bread and did weird unrational things, like acting up or blaming others for witchcraft because of the way they behaved.

USA has the Salem Witch Trials.

Europe has over 600 years history of ‘witch’ slaughtering.

Totally off topic but sort of a fun derail -

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I blame @tartarusspawn for derailing.

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Also, being a wise woman were one of the most dangerous jobs you could have as a woman in the middle ages.
Like African witch doctors today they were the witch doctors of the past. So if you had a cold or just about anything else you would go to the wise woman. Which often used all kinds of weird roots, fruits, plants and stuff like rainworms. So you might be appreciated as the doctor of the city, but as soon as someone blames you for witchcraft you’re a goner.

This picture is pretty spot on.

Gentle re rail

If anyone know how to test for nic levels in nic salts please share.


A great question for @River_Supply_Co or @Nicotine_River_Chem !


Hello! In regards to testing Nicotine Salts, the titration kit is not helpful as the Salt Nicotine is not detected accurately. There are further ways of testing the Salts however, we do not offer a kit in regards to testing Salts as of this moment.

In regards to how we test our Nicotine we use an in-house Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer Machine. This is the most accurate way of testing Nicotine so I can assure everyone that the Nicotine/Nicotine Salts received from our company are accurate with a GC-MS Machine report. As for other brands I cannot speak on their behalf. We’re hoping to add a test kit for Nicotine Salt to our site in the future.

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply @River_Supply_Co - adding GC-MS Machine to cart now :grinning: I do trust 2 of the nic salts vendors I know of, the 3rd not so much. A simple test would be great but I am pretty sure there is no simple test.

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Just get one of eBay

I did think at first that you were kiddin’ but i have grown to know u too well

I was thinking more toward the portable one

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Lmao @worm1

I made on offer on both and cunningly changed the comma to a decimal point. :crazy_face:


They have free shipping thats a bonus

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Your abit of a handy man @woftam just make one here is how to.