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Noob Review of Eleaf Amnis iStick


Well that was generous to do a review for something you won. Looks like a handy little Pocket Rocket for scootin’ around town …sometimes that’s what you need. The leaking part? Sometimes over-tightening it (which is the intuitive solution) can actually make it leak. Sometimes those little coil o-rings stick in there while being replaced, so you end up with two. Check that there’s only one o-ring on the replacement coil/hole and then just tighten finger tight. Welcome to the world of reviewing Bro!



Thank you for the advice and the kind words, @BoDarc .
I bought more m coils, the 0.75 ohm and the 1.5 ohm coils. Every single one was leaking when used. I’ll try those again.

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Nice review. @delltrapp

I recall hearing if you vape at lower wattage sometimes it doesn’t get hot enough to evaporate the juice which can cause leaking and spitting. I know it’s nice to have a good working vape hope you find the fix!



Thank you for the kind words and advice, @Freddie3

It’s actually not my daily setup, just something to vape on my daily commute on my scooter, since it’s small enough to put in my pocket and doesn’t weigh as much



I gave mine away and recently did another review for it. The top cap fell apart and when I went searching on the web, I found that it has happened to a of people.



Well there ya go. Just using a dif atty on there sounds like solution enough. Nice lookin’ out @Dan_the_Man



yeah, I see what you mean. the connection is wobbly (that’s the word, right?) enough to worry about it with mine.



wobbly, yep, that’s the word.