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Norseman’s Review on the Topside from Dovpo and The Vapor Chronicles


Hey bro this has bothered me all day bc I can’t remember , what was you forum name b4 Norseman???


Fenrir the big bad wolf if my memory serves me lol


Yes ty… I hate it when I know something but can’t think of it at all…


Thanks man, much appreciated :+1:


@Fishaddict420 Is correct, that was the old name. Steel trap of a mind he has.


I have had the Topside for a month or two now and the Rage about three months - I love them both! The best thing about Topside is the way you fill it with juice, that’s it’s selling point. It really is about time someone came up with that!

I saw someone on Youtube mention they are coming out with a dual battery Topside and I will definitely buy that when it comes out.