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OOO flavors

I’ve used OOO before. As far as I can tell their flavors aren’t just repackaged.
They shipped quickly. Their prices were reasonable, and every time I used them (3 times I think) they would include free flavor samples. Granted the samples weren’t their most popular, I think the last one they sent was pretzel (??), I never tried it so, who knows.
But all in all I don’t have anything bad to say about them.


I love me some Sugar Butter Cookie, probably my favorite flavor from OoO.

Just so I understand correctly though is is a the ready to vape Sugar Butter Cookie, not the concentrate that is being given away?

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I’m sold! There’s another added to the shopping list :laughing::smiley:


Feb 13th the OOO Madness Begins

Dulce de Leche Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Vanilla Custard Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Strawberry (Fresh) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Cake Flavored Liquid Concentrate (Yellow)

Graham Cracker Flavored Liquid Concentrate

French Toast Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Feb 23 More OOO

Cream - OOO Blend II Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Strawberry (Fruit) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Pie Crust Flavor Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Strawberry (Sweet) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Blueberry (Fruit) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Blueberry Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Bavarian Cream Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Feb 26 And yet more OOO

Pancake Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Cucumber Flavored Liquid Concentrate - Natural

Onion Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Feb 28 My buddys at OOO

Apple (Granny Smith) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Nutmeg Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Brown Sugar Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Bacon Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Golden Sponge Cake Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Sour Blizzard Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Mar 3 OK Evil Bastards now

Chocolate Milk Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Fudge Brownie Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Avocado Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Honeydew Melon Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Cantaloupe Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Parmesan Cheese Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Barbecue Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Pickle Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Apr 06 just can’t stop the OOO orders

Cream Sample 9 Bottle Pack - Flavored Liquid Concentrate Includes
Bavarian Cream

Cream Milky Undertone (PG)

Cream Milky Undertone (VG)

Cream OOOBlend I

Cream OOOBlend II

Cream Bouquet

Irish Cream

Sweet Cream


Cranberry Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Plum Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Marshmallow (White Puffy V.I) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Egg Nog Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Caramel Flavored Liquid Concentrate - OOO Blend I

Corn Bread Flavored Liquid Concentrate


Apr 19 Not again.OOO
Oatmeal Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Nutty Professor (PG Based) Flavored Liquid Concentrate

Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG


All but the last batch are close enough to the 30 days or past it for some thoughts. All this cut and pasting has me starving so a bite to eat and I’ll get back to it.


That marshmallow puffy v1 is really good. I mixed SF at 3% and am now using in a mix in the 1.5-2% range.


All Testing in 80% VG, 20% PG, 0 Nicotine, Mini hand blender in 5 ml batches, No heat.

Apple (Granny Smith) 2 Stars,
Avocado 4 Stars,
Bacon 4 Stars
Barbecue 4 stars
Bavarian Cream 3 stars
Blueberry 3 Stars
Blueberry (Fruit) 3 Stars
Brown Sugar 3 stars
Butter Pecan 2 stars
Cake (Yellow) 3 Stars
Cantaloupe 4 stars
Carmel 3 stars
Chocolate Milk 2 stars
Corn Bread 2 stars
Cranberry 4 stars
Cream Milky Undertone PG 3 stars
Cream Milky Undertone VG 3 stars
Cream OOO Blend I 3 stars
Cream OOO Blend II 3 stars
Cream Bouquet 3 stars
Cucumber … 5 Stars
Dulce de Leche 3 stars
Egg Nog 3 stars
Flan 3 stars
French Toast 4 stars
Fudge Brownie 4 stars
Golden Sponge Cake 3 stars
Graham Cracker 3 stars
Honeydew Melon 4 stars
Irish Cream 3 Stars
Nutmeg 2 stars
Nutty Professor PG 3 stars
Oatmeal 3 stars
Onion 4 stars
Pancake 3 Stars
Parmesan Cheese 3 stars
Pickle 4 stars
Pie Crust 4 stars
Plum 4 stars
Pretzel 4 stars
Marshmallow (White Puffy V.I) 3 stars
Strawberry (Fresh) 3 Stars
Strawberry (Fruit) 3 stars
Strawberry (Sweet) 3 Stars
Vanilla Custard 3 Stars

Star rating
1 star would totally disqualify the flavor. None here
2 star. I get little to nothing from the flavor at 3% or it faded badly.
3 Star Very serviceable flavor
4 Star High Grade, strong, low fade.
5 Star Best of the Best Super strength and zero fade. 1 here

I started with about 15 LorAnn A few Capella and a handful of TPA-TFA. A few Gifts from other ELR members added Nic River, Pur and a few more TPA so I have a fair base to compare strengths against. Like the other makers we have winners and also runs.
In general strengths they rank with the others, no real weakness or strengths. 2 duds and 1 Homerun out of the whole list isn’t bad at all in my book.
I do have about 12 Real Flavors now and they play well with OOO in my early testing.
Your Mileage May Vary, Not all Models came with equipment shown. :slight_smile:
I direct ordered from the OOO Website in all cases. Shipping was the same day and arrives usually overnight USPS being as they are only about 60 miles away.
Look for your free samples on the DIY tab as you get one per order. The 25% discount code from ELR is really hard to beat and keeps me going back for more. Best deal on ELR IMO



Ingredient %
Cucumber (OOO) 4
Dill (DIY) 1
Onion (OOO) 3
Pickle (OOO) 1.5
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 5

Flavor total: 14.5%

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The first one I dreamed up and my first public release.
All versions rocked but I really wanted more then pure Cucumber coming through so I’ve kept at it and this V4 is really hitting the mark for me now. Getting the Onion now and a touch of Dill as well



Ingredient %
Avocado (OOO) 6
Bacon (OOO) 3
Baked Bread (SC) (Real Flavors) 6

Flavor total: 15%

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Number 2 Released for Public viewing.
Growing up with a massive Avocado tree in the yard we had an endless supply of ripe Avocados and the ever popular Bacon-Avocado sandwich was a staple around the house.
Avocado (OOO) is a great stand alone dead ripe Hass Avocado with very little fade
Bacon (OOO) is another very potent flavoring but does moderate a fair amount from it’s initial blow your head off strength.
Baked Bread (SC)(RF) faded to about 50% of it’s out of the bottle power and got stepped up accordingly.



Ingredient %
Bacon (OOO) 3
Barbecue (OOO) 0.5
Black Pepper Madagascar (TPA) 0.25
Brown Sugar (OOO) 2
Butter (LA) 1
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 0.5
Granny Smith Apple (OOO) 6
Nutmeg (OOO) 1
Pecan (LA) 1

Flavor total: 15.25%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com! This one was kicking around as a joke so I adapted it and to be honest it's not bad at all. A little strong and it does linger in your mouth a while but I like the Damn stuff personally. http://i.imgur.com/14BSSvf.jpg

Nut Buster V2 (Bitchen)(OOO)

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG (OOO) 0.5
Bavarian Cream (OOO) 2.5
Butter Pecan (OOO) 4
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.5
Marshmallow (white fluffy v1) (OOO) 2
Nutmeg (OOO) 1
Nutty Professor (OOO) 7
Sweet Cream (OOO) 2.5

Flavor total: 20%

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With the top rated recipe being the Famous Bust-a-Nut I searched for Nut Buster (taken) so I did an adapt of an adapt of an, well you get the idea. The plan was an all (OOO) version. When I get my OOO sucralose I’ll swap the Stevia out and see what that does. Can’t really taste the cinna so it’s a take or leave at this %
Might need to swap the creams around. Bav and Swe do a multiplication thing used together and they can amp a recipe out of the park. This is being very sweet to me Stevia or not after steep. Done it both ways but haven’t played with the Marsh numbers yet.
Got some RF Hazelnut testing but it was low strength out of the jar so I can’t see it’ll change the basic flavor any appreciable amount.


Wow, you are the first person I have seen working so earnestly on savory vapes. Not my thing, but good for you and sharing with others!



This one is a lot sweeter and more mainstream tasting. I’ve got a Cleito loaded up with it as I type.
OOO has 400 plus flavors to play with and I just can’t help myself it seems
Flavor Art is another that has some really unusual stuff on the home site that nobody stateside seems to have so at some point I’ll have to take the plunge and go for a wild assed order of the really off the wall stuff from them. Roast Beef or Tuna anyone ? LOL


Ingredient %
Cream Blend 2 (OOO) 2.5
Cream Milky Undertone (PG) (OOO) 0.5
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.25
Pancake (OOO) 7
Strawberry (Fresh) (OOO) 1.5
Strawberry Fruit (OOO) 1.5
Strawberry Sweet (OOO) 1.5
Sweet Cream (OOO) 2

Flavor total: 16.75%

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Was trying to Clone Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classic. Didn’t come close but this is quite fine in it’s own right.


This looks outstanding! Now I gotta go to OOO and get the flavorings

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Ingredient %
Dill (DIY) 2
Onion (OOO) 3
Pickle (OOO) 0.5
Pretzel (OOO) 6
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 6

Flavor total: 17.5%

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Opened this to public so I figured I’d post it here too. Dialed the Pretzel down and the Dip parts up.
Still a WIP with the short steep but it’s not changing much as the Savory blends don’t seem to do much except soften a smidgen.

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Couple of notes at the OOO site. Visit the DIY drop down and get your free bottle.
Use code eliquidrecipes-25
for 25% off your whole order not including shipping
Open the chat window during business hours and ask for your free sugar cone.
The sample packs are good deals too



Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (OOO) 1
Chocolate (SC) (Real Flavors) 2
Chocolate Milk (OOO) 3
Chocolate Powder (Purilum) 1
Cream Bouquet (OOO) 0.25
Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA) 2
Fudge Brownie (OOO) 5
Irish Cream (OOO) 0.5
Sweet Cream (OOO) 1

Flavor total: 15.75%

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With a See’s Candy shop just a few blocks away we do eat a fair amount of this so it’s a natural to vape it for me.



Ingredient %
Bacon (OOO) 1
Black Eyed Peas (DIY) 8
Brown Sugar (OOO) 1
Corn Bread (OOO) 5
Nutmeg (OOO) 0.5
Pretzel (OOO) 1

Flavor total: 16.5%

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Another Savory Dish


@Bob_Bitchen I gotta know…you really vape these?

Also, is that pretzel good? I have a coconut caramel pretzel recipe I wanna make. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yuuummm! That sounds tasty.

Yepp I truly do vape them. Some more then others but all are in rotation.
The Pretzel was a free one but it’s grown on me like a mold or fungus you can’t quite get rid of. LMAO it turned out way better then I expected with all the Notes showing nicely now. Hell I devoted a Cleito Tank just for the stuff.


Ingredient %
Cherry (LA) 0.5
Lime (OOO) 3
Liquid Stevia (365) 1
Pear (OOO) 5

Flavor total: 9.5%

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This one has matured nicely. Might swap the plain Cherries for actual Maraschino but for now it’s very close to what I was after.